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The Early Birds
Cleveland Migration 1929
Wild Fruit Cocktail
Collected from Mexican Jacals

Waterman Soup
Combined Secretly in 1909 from Balloon Dope Juice, Shellac Berries, Essence of Petrolatum, Glider Wire Kinks and Imported Sceptic Ex-Hu-Mat-Ions
by WALDO in Person

Stinson Ap-pear-i-tif
Grown on Breckenridge Field, on the South loop, at Tokio, and Flavored with Katies, Eadies, Marjies and Jackies
imported from Tennise (that's a Secret)

Famous Fokker Flutterless Friers
Fetched from far Frankfort for famished fliers from far fields frantically fearing falseteeth fractured from fierce filets
falicitate FOKKER

Wright Salad
Components Released for first time by ORVILLE
Three struts of Kitty Hawk and half pint of Bicycle Shop stirred with Printing Press and blended with dope from Lillenthal flavor with Smithstonian then remove the flavor.

Coffyn Coffee Cognae
A dark brown taste with odor imported from the mud flats on the bottom of an F boat by FRANK

Collected by HARROLD and BILL MITCH in cabbage patches near Chaumont soaked with Club Lafayette vinegar

DICK and FISH cleaned these and scaled them
They are wrapped in tennis leaves and filled with Greenland
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