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                                         1734 - 1
poko'le, ten
   polisto'kolo, twenty
   polisto'kolo awatcafa'ga, twenty one
   po'litutci'na, thrity
   po'litutci'na awatcafa'ga, thirty-one
   apo'li, act to make ten (H)
   apo'lo, that which to make ten (H)
   ? ishpo'ta, for to make ten (H)
     ishpo'ti, that to make it for ten (H)
     ishpo'ko, not to make it ten (H)
   ? ishpo'li, score of game (H)
     ilpo'ki, let have ten (H)
     il poki, come into make ten (H)
     il poko, not to be ten (H)

     il pola, to come to make ten (H)
     il poli, becoming to make ten (H)
     il polo, to come to make ten (H)
     il poti, become into tenth or ten (H)
     im po'ka, not able to ten (H)
     im po'ki, let's have ten (H)
     im po'ko, not quite ten (H)
     im po'li, having ten (H)
     im po'ta, state of having ten (H)
     im po'ti, to make into ten (H)
     im po'to, that which to make ten then (H)
     poh'pli, tenth (H)
     po'li, to ten (H)
     po'lo, becoming to ten (H)
     poletcu' sta'gan, forty (0111)
                                             1736 - 1

     pok'ta, a twin, double, to join together (H)
     pok'to, a twinned, doubled (H)
      ittapukta, going side by side

                                             1737 - 2

     apok'ta, partner, assist, company with business
     apok'to, having partner, make partner in one business (H)

     pulakihchih, fatefully (H)
     pulakih, fatal (H)
     pulakikahmik, fatalism (H)
     pulakossih, almost fatal (H)


    pullakitchih, approach (H)
    pullakitchussi, approach of (H)
    itta ballanhosi, approached to each other (H)
    pulake'tco'cin, almost caught him (040)

   puli, flying squirrel (H)
       palli, flying squirrel (H)