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[[poƚi]]     hiƚe´, [[to plant?]]           1741

pō´ƚok, to plant (68)

pō´ƚikon, the seed (71)
apolh´li, seeded, a place to put up seeds (H) (& K)
pohli, seed (H)
pohli isht chuppa, seedsman (H)
pohli ahlka, seed-vessel (H)
pohli acholpa issah, seed-house (H) [[tca´fa?]] poƚê(K)
ihtofa pohli, field seed (H)

seed kept until another year
lūƚi´, seed

puƚhkichih, long range (as a gun) (H)    [[pálkî[kî?]]] (K)
  ? polhtchih, blow-horn (H)
                    la´pî - pof[[?]]î´lka (K)

   ittabbi pulhonka, hock (H)   îtabî fû´lke (K)
   im ashobohli puhlonka, elbow (H) pakō'fka (K)

pōna,                                     1744
  impo´natcon, he used to teach him(75)
  impónạ´tcit, he taught him(75) (&K) (ima´bạtcit,he taught him)(75)
  apon´na, a graduated from (H)
  apon´no, p. stating of having graduated from (H)
  nas a pulinna, academy (H)
  nas apulinna ishsha, academy house (H)
   pon haloshi, peaceful (H)   ?   (&K)
   ponhallussih, humble (H)       (&K)
  pon´na, to learn [[???]] guess, skill in, graduated (H)
  pon´no, learned, skilled, graduation (H)
  ishtaia punna, known how to manage (H)

a lesson

poski                          1745
póskîtîlga, busk  we fast      h[[os]]pasîlka [[???]] (K)
pushkonoh, to be in great want for meat (H)
pos´ki, to fast, to abstain from food (H)
pos´ko, having fast (H)

puskushe, foundling (H)          îstoƚko'stcî (K)
posko'hayo'k, children (164)
posko'ha, children (03)      (&K)
poskohạgạ'lạn, only the children (09)

puskossih isjiahlih ishajali leading[poskosi tcaiya'hala (K)] strings (H)
  puskoshi ahicha, dry-nurse (H) [&K]
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