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1758 ^[[-2]]

kussuma ispoatlih, fried onions (H)
shukha nipo ispoatlih, fried pork (H)
aha ispoatlih, fried potatoes (H)
akak otchussih ispoatlih, fried eggs (H)
poyatlih, boil (H)
apoyatlih, a boiler (H)
apoyatlih nahofa, boilery (H)
poatlihchih boiling (H)
poatlit itta sufka, to boil up or out (as a spring) (H)
unnosi apoatli, rice-boiler (H)
uno poatlichi, to boil with (H)
ispoʹạtliʹtcitohaʹ, she fried together (086)
xxxx ispoaʹtcitohaʹnạha, do not fry them together! (086) 
poạtlēʹmon, when boiling (0113 c)
opowạʹtletcōk, it boiled (0113d)

poạtlî, anything boiling
lîbạtka [[?]]
îspaitlî, meat added
îslibạtkc (K.
laƚạtlî, to boil (K) boiling

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^[[English word]]
pre mitih, prayer meeting (H)
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^[[English word]]
rolla orki, roller organ (H)
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Romin calholica, Roman Catholic ^[[English word]](H)
Romin caholica eyimmi, purgatory (H)
Romin catholica chih; alluia, purgatorial, purgatorian (H)
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1762 ^[[-1]]
asafʹfi, a place to dig on, mining at (H)
asafʹfo, having a place to dig on (H)
asafʹka, mining, mine (H)
asafʹko, not to digging in one place (H)
asafʹti, state having who does digging (H)
safʹfi, to dig (H) ^[[hoktcaʹ (K)]]
safʹfo, digged (H)
safʹka, digging (H) ^[[________ka(K)]]
safʹko, undig (H)
safʹti, having being dug, dugged it out (H)
sạfiʹt, dug up (165)
isafiʹstạbạt, scratched to get him out (098) 
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^[[cab,] ^[[1149]]
1763 ^[[-2]]
cạʹfît, digging (30)
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1764 ^[[-3]]
nāʹsî[[superscript symbol]] iⁿcạfōʹ stcok, something in scratched up (27)
^[[[nun?] inhoktcaʹtca' (K)]]
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cafca`liʹtcit, they whistled (34)
^[[kou'ilîtcît (K)]]
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