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NEW YEARS DAY ...1975    Family history reflections

two volumes published in 1838, in N.Y. Mothers ancestry Scottish with a little Spanish from the Armada Invasion of England. The name of publishers.. Robinson & Franklin, printed from the corrected copy of late George Steevens, Eaq. Have the fine huge [[strikethrough]]sahes  [[/strikethrough]] sashes  worn by my Mother Maie [[strikethrough]] Mamie [[/strikethrough]] Isabel Rogers, raised in Nashville, Tenn. Her father (like his father, who remained in England) made all their fine furniture. Skills inherited both sides of family, Music, Sewing fine books, fancy ice-skating, love of theatre, good posture, cuisine, good thoughts with food... and trained" the mind is [[strikethrough]] ever the richness of the body" etc. 
[[note right margin]] My paternal grandmother English [[/note right margin]]

Charles Meyers (the Meyers was Hessain German soldiers Revolution, [[note on margin]] in America settled in N. J. others the States of Virginia and So. Carolina. The This was my paternal grandfather an editor of renown told me as I had articles published. Editor N. Y. SUN. Papa started from Massachusetts to Texas. He was born 1868. Once the cowboys with whom he worked said, "Bill, no one would know you were an Eastern tender-foot," he set up his printing press and created a newspaper "to stretch their minds." Then on to Iowa. [[right margin]] Webster Grove relatives [[/right margin]] There he saw this gorgeous petite brunette trying on a big hat. Papa known as the "pretty printer" (all editors then were printers), he managed to meet my future Mother. I was the second child due in Columbus Junction, Iowa. (Mama was visiting the Websters) Papa's father dying, so the oldest son of four male children, one older sister, traveled to Rutherford N. J. The Spanish Amer. war was on. Pop was crack shot in his regiment, I was born Rutherford, N.J. January, 21, 1898; the Maine was sunk in February; men with two children not wanted; Pop's brother Phil went; Pop gave Uncle Phil the many medals he had won as crack shot in the regiment that left him behind. So in a few weeks with good health after a fight for it since scarlet fever and all the other illnesses from age 8; I shall be 77 yrs. old with none of the lacks many my junior have, [[left margin]] 3 spinal fractures 1950 [[/left margin]] including mental and physical agility unless the crime now out here, ends me. My overhead is also an achievement of hard won, education needed specifically to finish raising two children in a world OUT of my world of DOERS; sans grandchildren of my ancestry. HOWEVER, from 1926 to date, there has always been at least two little boys, who help me, and now grown, two retired, two married and away, two boys and two girls away at college who visit or write and the two adopted boys of my son and wife who find in my son much of my father and myself with some of his Dad, in skills. So I start a new year on small $ with some requested or volunteered help for emergency big expenses, lower overhead than Welfare gives; garden catalogues have me planning changes in garden and shrubs, makes my HEALTH and two devoted pet cats, now have to be kept indoors..too, more than we like due to vandals who case households. My Viburnam Calecephalum (one of theloveliest, thinks Spring is here, Fall so mild and will lose several part open pearly blossoms. [[right margin]] A family to care for [[/right margin]] Volunteer work could do more


The first Junkin in U.S.A- Wife of "Stonewall" Jackson died in childbirth 
Many from John C. Junkin's twin [[?]] brother

John C. Junkin father of Elwood J. Junkin
Junkin - from France Jacquin Fr. Huguenots - Protestant
went to Scotland - John's Kin - to Jun Kin

[[Left Margin]]
3 spinal

[[Right Margin]]
in America
Webster Grove relatives
Rutherford, N.J
(a family to care for)
Volunteer work could do more 

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