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A new chicago (product) Airplane 
Terry Vincent

Product of Yackey Aircraft - For Pk 

Yackey field 63& 48 near Aero club field 
Ship Type Yacket T.M.

Powerd [[powered]] reliable ,standard ,OX5` 90 h.p.
Re designed rebuilt Yackey factory by Buck Weaver & tested 
[[overlaping]] Motor install adaptation of gift steel light, bang sturdy [[/overlapping]] [[strikethrough]] thru use of new and [[/strikethrough]]

Motor istaalation is rigid, light and sturdy thru new and original use * adaption of steel tubing making the motor accesable

The entire mounting weighs less than the original plate neccessary for the original rotary M

Cowling /also show originality in desig_ being very readily detachable thus leaving motor unobstructed for cleaning&adjstmts 
Seating arrangmts-includ [[overlapping]] passenger 333333333 [[/overlapping]] places for 2 pilot in rear very clear unobstructed vision visibility extremecomfort
Passenger-in front seat on center of pressure making no diff in handling empty or loded with or wi-out pass 
Radiator-has been removed from customay place position on nose to under surface upper wing -is in direct slip strem of prop. enabling us of smaller rad. more accesable- ease of filling thru top wing the etc - quickly abbreviated 
The General lines of ship similar army racer round nose consistant elimination of head resistance show much thought was directed toword beauty as well as efficiency -bespeak well for designoer Performance more than expected- takes off meanes fields loaded or light with ease climbs very rapidly flys about 105 lands at 40 remarkably slow for so fast a ship
Much speculation during construction -by visitor at factory re re performance Performance &manuverability revelation & surprise to all Weaver designes built and tested
since ship made appearance on Chi fields each flight an exhibition in itself [[overlapping]] showin 9999999 [[/overlapping]] loops spins rolls tec showing indicating pilot well satisf[[strikethrough]]y[[/strikethrough]]d manuvera bility performance of ship Picture Buck Weaver and Miss Lillian Boyer who hasexpressed signifie intentions use one exhibition this summer tour
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