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3.  An appeal for a $ 75.00 monthly fund.  This is a journal of the Negro workers.  You must support it.  It is clear that we cannot carry on without financial support, and this support must come from workers.  Of course we appreciate and invite the assistance of workers of other races; but we want to impress the need for Negro workers themselves supporting this journal.  One penny from a Negro worker in Africa or the West Indies is worth more than several shillings or a dollar from other workers.  We ask you, Negro workers in Africa, the West Indies and the USA to support your journal, first by buying it; second, by contributing to a monthly fund of $ 75,00.  We would like to maintain a list of the supporters to this fund.  We make this appeal for the further appearance of this journal.  Let us hear from you.

* * *

Towards Upsurge in South Africa - A critical stage is reached for capitalism and British imperialism in South Africa.  Events of recent months show that greater struggles reaching higher forms are in store for the near future; great tasks confront the revolutionary class conscious workers.

Fact No. 1 - The African National Congress which follows a policy of kicking militants and especially communists out of its ranks, has split up.  A militant Independent section has been formed.  But even a "militant" section will not meet the situation of the natives in South Africa.  The workers must push forward to higher forms of struggle, must build up revolutionary trade unions.

Fact No. 2 - Dingaan's Day Demonstration on December 16 brought forth big demonstrations and mass meetings throughout wide sections of South Africa.  Over 3,000 passes and tax receipts were burnt - 150 at Johannesburg, 400 at Pretoria, 300 at Potchestroom and 3,000 at Durban; and effigies of Pirow were burnt.  The police attacked the workers viciously, killing 2 native workers and wounding 20; the natives fought back with great militancy, one native police was stabbed and many hurt.  At Durban the Demonstrators carried a Red Flag.

Fact No. 3 - The South African bourgeois Parties and the British imperialists are uniting their forces for fascist attacks upon the natives.

Fact No. 4 - Wage cuts and unemployment is causing discontent amongst the white workers.  The average yearly wage of Europans in manufacturing has had the following drop: 1925, £ 239, 1926, £ 238, 1928, £ 221, in 1929-30 still lower.

Fact No. 5 - The 9th Conference of the Communist Party of South Africa was scheduled to meet on December 26 to take up very important political and organizational questions among which were: the struggle for a Native South African Republic and to help strengthen and build Red Trade Unions.  At this Conference the South African Party will take a big step forward towards becoming an INDEPENDENT REVOLUTIONARY CLASS PARTY.

In these factors along with others we see the heightening of the class struggle in South Africa, in which the revolutionary trade unions must take a leading part.

* * * 

Labour Movement - A so-called unity Conference called by the white reformist trade unions of South Africa took place in October at Capetown.  A new body, "The South African Trades and Labour Council", composed of organizations of the White Trade Union Congress and the Cape Federation was formed.  The Federation of Non-European Unions was not invited.  The question of the native workers was not even raised.  Therefore it was not a Unity Conference.  There can be no Unity Conference in South Africa that does not take up the question of building a mass united trade union movement of all workers regardless to race or colour to carry on class struggle.  This problem then is a problem that the 


Federation of Non-Europa Trade Unions must take upon itself. This new organization in reality is a class cooperation body and not a class struggle body. It may be expected to become a fascist organization against the the native workers. 

Haiti — The Spanish capitalist paper "La Prensa", carried a very brief Associated Press Dispatch from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, stating that the strikes in the coffee, lumber, and banana industries which had been on for a week, had resulted in a wage raise of fifty per cent for the workers. 
The Associated Press had previously all news of these strikes and even this dispatch was not used in any of the big English language dailies receiving the Associated Press.    

Negro Seamen and the German Harbour Workers

The German harbour workers of Hamburg are entering a period of struggle against intended wage cuts. This intended attack of the German bosses and shipowners on the Hamburg harbour workers is but a signal of the general attacks the bosses have prepared against the seamen and harbour workers everywhere. Already attacks are being prepared against the British Dockers and the Japanese seamen. 

Reformist and Social fascist trade union bureaucrats are helping the bosses against the harbour workers. These bureaucrats always betray the workers in everyway — help the bosses reduce the wages of the workers, help the bosses in their splitting tactics — just as they have always betrayed the Negro and "coloured" seamen. 

The International of Seamen and Harbour Workers is the fighting organization that is helping the Hamburg harbour workers in their fight against the reduction of their standards — in the general fight against the bosses and the ship-owners. The International of Seamen and Harbour Workers unites all seamen and harbour workers regardless to race, creed, or colour for a combined struggle against the bosses — for equal pay and equal conditions, for the complete equality of the workers of all races. 

Negro seamen and Harbour workers, must join in the united front with the Hamburg Harbour workers, and for the bigger struggles that are ahead, by joining up in militant sections of the International of Seamen and Harbour Workers. 


West Africa — Gold Coast farmers have spontaneously risen up against Gold Coast cocoa Pools, combines and trusts; an Association involving 150,000 cocoa — growing peasants has been organized. The native workers of Africa must profit from the experiences of the Chinese and Indian workers and peasants, must build mass class struggle organizations. 

* * *

The War Against the Soviet Union — The supreme Court of the workers and peasants of the Soviet Union at Moscow in December passed judgement on individuals who had planned with outside imperialists a war, to annihilate the workers' and peasants' Government of the USSR. Among the imperialists agents was a whole crowd of Geneva diplomats, generals, industrialists and counter-revolutionaries of France and England, who preach loudly about "peace" and talk disarmament humbug, including Poincaré and Briand of France. The plot has been discovered, but the hatred of the USSR and the plan of war is still alive. These war plans of the imperialist against the USSR is of great concern to Negro toilers; dont forget the last bloody war, dont forget how they led Negro 

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