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soldiers to slaughter on the altar of imperialism. We call your attention to appeal to Negro soldiers of France in this issue of our journal. We should struggle against imperialist war. Defend USSR!

India - The flunkies of British imperialism, the social democrat, Ramsey MacDonald and a whole gallery of lesser lickspittles, Indian bourgeois representatives and princes, shamelessly betray the Indian workers and peasants at the London Round Table Conference.  They try to stifle the revolution.  But it goes on.  Street fighting is continuing in Bombay.  The workers through their Red Trade Unions are continuing the fight to destroy any "Federal Union" that aims to keep the Indian masses bound in endless exploitation to British imperialism.  The Indian workers and peasants must fight through their Red Trade Unions and peasant leagues for the true Federal Republic of workers and peasants -- A SOVIET INDIA.

China -- A Soviet Government has been set up in a large section of southern China, supported by a Red Army of over 300,000 worker and peasant soldiers.  The worsening of the agricultural situation causing wide spread starvation, caused the peasants to rise spontaneously against the landlords.  The influence of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions increases.  In January last year it had 30,000 members, in August it had over 120,000 members.  The Red Trade Unions led over 300 strikes. 


7 years ago this January Lenin, the Great Emanicpator, died. But Lenin and the emancipatory struggle lives through LENINISM.

Leninism is successfully building Socialism in the Soviet Union.  Lenin lives in the Communist International, founded by Lenin, and that is guiding the International proletarian struggle and the emancipatory struggles of the opporessed peoples to emanicipate themselves from International capitalism.

Lenin was the Inspirer of the Oppressed Peoples.  Lenin established the relation between the workers in the capitalist countries and the exploited masses in the colonial and semi-colonial lands.

Lenin stressed the right of self-determination to the point of complete separation from dominating nations.  The right of self-determination is now a leading demand of the Negroes in Africa, the West Indies, and of the Negro masses of the "Black Belt" of the USA.

Out of the fires of Revolution in Russia, Lenin left us a great legacy.  We must keep the fires burning.

By A. Losovsky

(The following article was written by Comrade Losovsky of the Russian Trade Unions and General Secretary of the Red International of Trade Unions, in 1928 for the first number of the "Negro Worker", Bulletin of the Negro Bureau of the R.I.L.U. It is of interest still to the entire working class, that is why we are reprinting it - Editor.)

Down to the present time the Negro worker was a step-child in the proletarian family, a step-child because the political and trade union organizations of the white workers, that arose scores of years ago suspected the coloured workers.  This suspicion of the Negro worker is a characteristic feature of the whole 


reformist labour movement.  In its attitude to the coloured workers International Reformism upholds the racial superiority of the whites.  Even when a reformist comes out in defence of the coloured workers he feels his own superiority.  The theory of the higher and lower races, determines the policy of International reformism.  Indeed, mutual relations between the white and coloured workers on the basis of equality cannot be understood by it, just as the bourgeoisie of the old capitalist countries consider that coloured workers and especially Negroes were made by the Lord God to be inhumanely exploited.  Reformism is not only imbued with the spirit of imperialism, but has also all those racial prejudices that help the bourgeoisie to mobilize the toilers against their fellow workers of other races.  In order to realize how perverted are many leaders of the labour movement, it is sufficient to remember that the Amsterdam International and the Pan American Federation of Labour on the question of coloured workers and especially the Negro workers, differ in no way from the European and American bourgeoisie.

Despite this, activities among the Negroes are not reckoning with these objective facts.  That is why the Fourth RILU Congress especially stressed the necessity of conducting serious organizational and political activities among the Negro workers.

The Negro question applies not only to the United States.  There are also millions of Negro workers in Africa, West Indies, etc.  The foremost Negro workers must seriously take up the organization of all the Negro workers, no matter where they may be.  The Negro workers must be drawn into the political and trade union movement.  Trade unions of the Negro workers must be built up where the unions of the white workers refuse them entry.  Papers must be published for the Negro workers, for this potential force must be turned into an active force, into an instrument that will free the exploited masses from the capitalist yoke.  The Negro workers must understand that the racial questions will be solved together with the social question.  Real equality and fraternity of workers of all colours will be forged in the joint struggle against capitalism.  Let the foremost Negro workers continue to organize and revolutionise their fellow workers - the Red International Labour Unions will render them every aid in the difficult but fruitful work.


The South African Native masses are groaning under the blood thirsty yoke of oppression and exploitation of British imperialism and the local white bourgeoisie.  Mountains of grievances are piled up against ancient, colonial, and semi-colonial robbery, plunder and oppression.  The British imperialists and the white South African bourgeois rulers control the principal industries, mining, manufacturing, railroad enterprises, agricultural production and the export trade.  They rob the country by squeezing the life blood out of the native masses. They queeze billions of pounds out of South Africa each year.  They are crushing the already slave conditions of the natives down to the breaking point.  They are doing this in order to keep up their super profit making and to push the burden of the fall in price of goods, the shrinkage in the export trade, the whole burden of the economic crisis, down upon the backs of the Native toilers.  The white bourgeois State is increasing vicious legislative measures against the Natives like the Riotous Assemblies Act; and they are bringing on worse serf conditions with laws like the Hertzog Native Bills.  At the same time the South African bourgeois parties (The South African Party and the Nationalist Party) and the British imperialists


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