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"We conquered India as an outlet for the goods of Great Britain. We conquered India by the sword, and by the sword we shall hold it." (Shame.)
"Call it shame if you like, I am stating facts. I am interested in missionary work of that kind, but I am not such a hypocrite as to say that we hold India for the benefit of the Indians. We hold it as the finest outlet for the British goods in general, and for Lancashire cotton goods in particular."
And just because of this, as long as India remains under British domination, so long will we witness Hindus flying at Mohammedans threats, and vice versa. For back of every communal riot in this land of misery, and hunger, stands the agents-provocateur of British Imperialism. Believe it or not!
A Tass message from Rome published in the "Pravda" of June 26, states: --
"Italian divers who are employed in the Bay of Biscay on the salvage of cargo from the Egypt, which was sunk some years ago on a voyage from England to India, state that the steamer was loaded with arms an munitions, although the official bills of lading and customs documents show a different cargo.
The Italian Press calls attention to the fact that the English customs issued false documents, and points out that, with the sanction of the English authorities, the teamer was carrying arms for the Indian Moslems for the purpose of provoking religious conflicts.
Referring to the recent bloody events - in Bombay, "Stampa" writes:--
"This episode throws some light on the easter policy of England, which sends millions of bullets and arms to the Indian Moslems, although no trace of such a transaction is to be found in the ship's documents. It is possible that some individuals who thought that their secret was buried at the bottom of the sea will be very much disconcerted by this compromising discovery."
What applies to India also occures in Ireland. Wherever the British imperialists have conquered the people of homogenous racial stock, they have utilized religion as the wedge to carry through their policy of "divide and rule". In India it is Hinduism against Mohammedanism. In Ireland it is Protestantism against Catholicism. For nobody realizes more so than the hypocritical puritanic British capitalists the truism, that "religion is the opium of the people". And they are out to exploit it to the fullest.
Ireland, one of the oldest nations in the world has not only been robbed and plundered for centuries; its peasantry starved and drive off the land; millions forced to migrate to America; -- but the British bond holders and absentee landlords have torn the country in two. "Protestant" Ulster versus the "catholic" South! Just recently, during a religious congress in Dublin, we witnesses the extent to which religious fanaticism has drive bleeding Ireland. Irish protestant workers and peasants, misled by British imperialist agents attacked groups of Irish catholic workers and peasants, simply because religion has been used to poison them against their fellow-exploited countrymen. Thanks to these artificial barriers fostered and maintained by an alien conqueror, these arrogant British slave holders, through their agent, J. H. Thomas, have the impudence to threaten the toiling masses of the Irish Free State to pay them 3 million Pounds annual tribute, under the farcical display of indignation that the Irish people are violating their "sacred" obligations. Such hypocritical phrase mongering by this ex-socialist traitor of the British workers is enough to turn the stomachs of all decent minded and freedom loving peoples. 
What applies to India, -- and Ireland, equally applies to Africa. It is quite true that the methods used by the British exploiters and oppressors in Africa are not so much based upon religion, but the policy of "divide and rule" is the same.
Let us see: In those parts of Africa where the British invaders found an economic and social system with a sufficiently developed political organization, through which they could operate, -- as in Norther Nigeria, they introduced the "unique" system of "Indirect Rule". Lord Lugard was the father of this ingenious form of colonial plunder. The lands were confiscated from the natives and the chiefs were stripped of all of their traditional authority, and turned into tax-collectors and forced labour agents, behind whom, the European officials have been able, not only to extort tribute from the workers and the peasants, but to make slaves out of them.
In other colonies, especially in East Africa (Kenya) the same policy has been applied. The natives have been drven away from their best lands, which have been turned over to white landlords, for the development of plantations with forced labour. 
At the present moment, the British imperialists are attempting to introduce the same methods into the Gold Coast. Here we witness some of the most brazen methods utilized by the imperialists to carry out their aims. Thanks to the world economic crisis, the Gold Coast, like other African colonies, is faced with a tremendous financial deficit. So in order to find the money to maintain the state apparatus with its fabulous salaries for the European officialdom, the late Governor, Sir Ransford Slator attempted to introduce direct taxation in the form of Income tax. This however, met with spontanous mass opposition. The workers and peasants in Cape Coast staged monster demonstrations and protested against the enactments of the Bill.
Faced with a threatened revolt of the great mass of the population, the government made a temporary retreat. Governor Slater paid a hasty visit to Nigeria and after a conference with Sir Donald Cameron, the governor of that colony, returned to the Gold Coast well armed with the weapon of indirect policy which Lugard has saddled upon Nigeria.
Slater held a conference with the native chiefs, and by promising them certain privileges succeeded in driving a wedge among the Gold Coast people. The new scheme is to enact the original Income Tax Bill under the title of Native Revenue Bill. Through this vicious piece of legislation, the British imperialists tell the chiefs that they would be given the right to impose taxation upon the people and as reward for this, they would get a certain percentage for their local administration.
Although there is still much opposition against this new manoeuvre, the government has succeeded to some extent in splitting up the united front which formerly existed amount the chiefs. Those of the Eastern provinces, enamoured by the opportunity of becoming His Majesty's tax collectors are in favour of enforcing the new Bill when it becomes law with the aid of armed police and the West African Frontier Force.
The danger of increased taxation still menaces the Gold Coast people, The toiling masses must realize that the imperialists do not give a tinker's damn about individual African "leaders", no matter how big or powerful they may consider themselves. What they are afraid of, however, is the organized mass action of the workers and peasants. For at heart, every tyrant is a coward. Furthermore, the British rulers in Africa also try to maintain their domination over the masses through other forms of corruption. For example: Where the prestige of the chiefs can no longer be utilized to rob the toiling population, the

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