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Native gold miner's in South Africa receiving 1 tot 2 shillings a day, lined up and searched of gold. 

The determination of the Chamber of Mines to get a hold of these territories, has been clearly stated by Sir Abe Bailey, chief spokesman of the mining interests, who in a recent speeech [[speech]] said; <> No doubt we are to infer from this, that the native Reserves within the Union, where millions of natives robbed of the best lands are segregated and ruled with an iron hand and which are nothing else than a splendid source of cheap labour for the mines, are abounding in prosperity and plenty. 
What is the policy and attitude of the British Government in this matter? How are these <> of <> races going to settle this questions? The South Africa Act of 1909 and the recent statement of the Secretary of the Dominion Affairs provide the answer to these questions. 
At the time the Union was created, it was decided to retain the three areas as Britsh protectorates. But by the Act of 1909 a loophole was created so as to facilitate the handing over of these territories to the South African capitalists at a more convenient time. The Act provides that the King <>. There can be no lack of clarity as to the meaning and purpose of this act. It certainly gives grounds for General Hertzog's optimism, when he says that,... <>. 
In the House eof Commons debate on this question, Mr. J. H. Thomas Dominions Secretary was asked, what the attitude of the British Government would be in the case the natives were opposed to transfer to the Union. The cynical answer of this erstwhile pillar of the Labour Party, was; <>. The African natives have centuries of untold experiences of what the <> under British Imperialist rule means - the most barberous exploitation and slavery, the most cruel whippings and deliberate murder; the confiscation of their land and the denial to them of the most elemetary human rights by the represensetatives of the <>. The recent invasion of the Bechuanaland with marines and howitzer guns and the deposing of chief Tshekedi because he dared order the flogging of a white moron; the recent bombing of the Ovambo tribe, the cold-blooded murder of native women in Nigeria, are

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