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set up by the workers and peasants which has shown itself as the only force capable of liberating China.  It is this Soviet power that has aroused the fear and hatred of the Japanese and other Imperialist bandits and which they seek by all means to destroy.

The adventures of the ruling Japanese military cliques who seek to hide their real war aims under the deceptive slogans of <> can only result in a most devastating war in the Pacific.

These Imperialist adventurers, backed by the other Imperialist powers particularly Great Britain have time and again sought to provoke a war with Russia.  They are now feverishly preparing for it.  They have tremendously increased their armed forces near the Russian border waiting for an opportune moment to attack and attempt to destroy the first working class Republic.

It is the firm peace policy of Soviet Russia which has so far prevented a war.  But it is also her tremendous strenght and her powerful Red Army which have kept these brigands from attacking her.

The danger of a war in the Far East becomes even greater because of the simultaneous preparations of war in Europe, wich becomes daily more threatening.

In the struggle against her Imperialist rivals for the mastery of the Pacific, Japan does not fail to utilize her propaganda machinery to influence and draw support from among Negroes and other colonial peoples for her Imperialist robber policy in te Far East.  Utilizing the seething discontent and revolutionary feelings of the Negro masses against their white oppressors, the Japanese capitalists and their agents carry on a subtle propaganda among the Negro workers under to slogan of <>.  The Negro mis-leaders, especially in the United States try to justify Japan's robber policy saying that <>.  Thus they support Japan's murderous policy against the Chinese people.  It is nothing but a justification of Japan's brutal exploitation and suppression of the Korean and Formossan people who are groaning under the iron heel of the Japanese ruling class.

The Japanese Imperialists are no champion of allies of the darker peoples.  They are the allies of the white capitalists in the exploitation and oppression of the colonial toilers.  For the workers, black, brown and white to break the chain of slavery and be free men and women, they must unite their forces and struggle to defeat all the Imperialist robbers.  Only in this way can they secure their liberation.


Negro workers rally to the defence of the Chinese people against Japanese aggression!@  Show your international solidarity with the Chinese people by joining the world wide protest movement against the Japanese slave policy in the East!

[[caption]] Chinese worker tortured on rack by Chinese ruling class. [[caption]]

Join and get your organizations to affiliate to the <> anorganization which is drawing into its ranks all Anti-Imperialist forces for a world wide protest movement against Japan's robber policy in China.  The international protest campaign under the leadership of the Association is being carried on under the following slogans:  For the withdrawal of the Japanese and other Imperialist troops from China and Manchuria; For the abolition of the unequal treaties; For the right of assembly and freedom of the press of the Chinese people; For the release of


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