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the imprisoned fighters for Chinese freedom, especially Paul and Gertrude Ruegg; For the cessation of the Kuomingtan war campaign against the Chinese Soviet territory; For the recognition of the Soviet Government in China by all Countries.

Negro Workers! You who are the worst sufferers of Imperialist oppression should be foremost in helping to forge the chain of solidarity of the colonial and semi-colonial peoples and of all the Anti-Imperialist forces to defeat the Imperialist exploiters and robbers. Mobilize the Negro organizations to adopt and present protest resolutions to the Japanese Embassies! Mobilize the workers and organizations to participate in protest meetings! Support the protest movement of the International Association of the Friends of the Chinese People! Forward with the struggle against Imperialist exploitation and Slavery!

With Fraternal Greetings,
The International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers.

Gravest Danger for Thaelmanns Life.
Statement of Saar Delegation who spoke with Thaelmann

A delegation of three workers from the Saar succeeded in forcing a way to Thaelmann despite al attempts of the Fascist authorities in Germany to stop them. The members of this delegation of three are: one miner, member of the CP since 1.3.1934; one miner, member of the Social-Democratic Party since 1930, member of the reformist Miners Union since 1920 and also member of the local Committee of the Social-Democratic Party and of the Miners Union in Ottweiler; and one miner, non-party.

The delegation had been elected in the course of a campaign of the International Committee for the Liberation of Thaelmann and all other imprisoned anti-fascist in meetings of miners and were charged to investigate into the conditions under which Thaelmann is being kept in the fascist prison.

Impressed by the teremendeous campaign organised for the liberation of the Anti - Fascists, the Hitler autorities were at last compelled o grant delegation admission o Thaelmann, after last compelled to grant The delegation admission to Thaelmann, after first dictating to them the question which they would be allowed to place befere Thaelmann. Such questions were: Have you sufficient to eat? Do your receive mail? Are you allowed to write? How often and how long are you allowed to take a walk? Are
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The Struggle for the Independence of Liberia

The world economic crisis has had a most devastating upon Liberia. The prices of raw material have fallen considerably and the peasant produce - Piassava, Peanuts, etc. fetch extremely low prices. The ships that call at the Liberian ports are becoming fewer and fewer. The income from duties and other excises are constantly dropping. Liberia is faced with a hopeless economic and financial situation. The tremendous increase in unemployment has resulted in the literal starvation of tens of thousands of workers and poor peasants.

The Government of Liberia was compelled to stop the payments due to its creditors - the Finance Corporation of America (a Firestone firm). Faced with the contineous dwindling of their incomes from custom duties, bribes, etc., the ruling group in Liberia - the Americo-Libarians-has proceeded to more intensely exploit the native masses. New taxes are being introduced. Te natives now have to pay five different kinds of taxes. Punitive expeditions are sent against those who refuse to pay the taxes and whole tribes are condemned to extermination. Villages are being annihilated, hundreds of people are being shot down so that the Imperialists and their lackeys, the ruling class should not have to do without their profits or a part of their income.

Liberia is an American Colony despite its apparent independence. It is American Finance Capital which through the Firestone Corporation, the financial and other advisors and not least of all, through the American Military officers, carry out the plunder of Liberia in the interests of American Imperialism. The successive Liberian Governments have been the willing tools of these Imperialist robbers. The powerful American rubber interests were the people who carried through this domination more and more intensively. The intense crisis in the United States provided the other imperialist powers with the opportunity to bring into the open their struggle for the dominance and division of Liberia. On the surface there appeared England and France and then also Germany. There is not doubt that a British-French agreement on Liberia was about to be made when the action of the League of Nations to <> Liberia came up. That was also the instrument of the British and French Imperialists. An intense propaganda about forced labour, slavery and terror was put over. They offered financial and other aid to help Liberia. But to this there were strings

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