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When he returned he formed a commission for the rehabilitation of Liberia but of course this was done only after President Barclay of the Liberian government had made a solemn declaration that the government wants to cooperate with America <>.

The Commission was formed to <>. Along with Mr. Jones there is not only Carl J. Murphey, President of the <> not only numerous bishops of the various churches, not only the Presidents of Sunday schools, but also the President of the United Sates of America - Mr. Roosevelt, together with some of his Secretaries of State. All these will now save Liberia together. Then the methods for saving her are also enumerated. These are divided into three parts:
1) To collect 15.000 dollars for the Liberian people.
2t To train young people for service in Liberia.
3) The organisation of an Americo-Liberian Trade Bank and an insurance company is also to be formed.

The rehabilitation of Liberia is therefore to consist in the fact that Liberia is to be delivered to the American imperialist interests. This <> is to take place through the aid of the same American Negroes who are groaning under the regime of Lynch-terror, about which of course the Negroes in high positions like Congressman De Priest have no reason to complain. 

And the native Liberians? A section of the Americo-Liberians are to be supported by te American imperialists, in order to give these still greater opportunities to exploit the great mass of native toilers in the interests of the American imperialists and in order to make sure of their lackey service.

As to what the toiling masses of Liberia think about this and how they want to carry out this rehabilitation can be sufficiently seen from their struggles against Firestone and against his aiders and abetters.

The rescuing of Liberia from the imperialist yoke, the guaranteeing of real independence to Libera cannot take place by means of charitable actions or business manipulations but by the mobilisation of the native masses of Liberia who have more than once schown their desire to struggle against the imperialists and their lackeys in Liberia. We must mobilise the toilers in the United States as well as in France and England to join in the Struggle for Liberian independence. Only then can it become a reality.

George Padmore, who in the past of course recognised that the independence of Liberia can only be won through the mobilisation of the toiling masses, through the organisation of the workers and peasants for this struggle, has now gone over to the other side and has joined those who are completely in the


service of American imperialism. He has become one of the most zealous organizers of the Roosevelt-Jones «Committee of Aid» which has been mentioned above.

Padmore does not recognise the fact that the condition of the two million natives in Liberia is not the same as the condition of theruling stratum of the Americo-Liberians and that the natives must also fight back against these black oppressors and imperialist lackeys.

He has of course forgotten what he formerly recognised to be correct: «The present situation in Liberia calls for the most determined struggle on the part of the international working class, especially the proletariat in America against the ruthless exploitation of the Americain capitalists in Africa.

«The Liberian situation clearly shows that wathever might be the contradictions and jalousies between the imperialists powers of Europe and America when it concerns Africa and the Negro masses they are prepared to arrive at some common agreement for dividing the spoils and maintaining their domination over the African masses.

«There is only one force that the imperialists are afraid of and that is the organized working class and toiling peasantry of Africa which, with the support of the revolutionary working class movement of Europe and America alone can defeat and shatter the imperialist aims of the American and League of Nations imperialists>>.

The toiling masses of Liberia, in the cities and on the plantations must organise themselves; that must be the basis for a 'broad anti-imperialist movement of the toilers of Liberia. Only in that way can they protect their economic interests and efficiently struggle against the imperialists and their lackeys.

Only through mass mobilisation and organization ;only trough struggle can the independence and freedom of Liberia become a reality.

The native masses can attain their freedom and independence only then, when they do not only fight against the imperialists but also against the Liberian ruling class which surrenders the two million native toilers to the imperialists.

Workers, black and white protest against the attempt to enslave. Liberta!

Support the struggle for Liberian independence!

Down with Imperialist slavery!

Forced labour means big profits for the bosses! 

Organized struggle is the road to freedom for the workers!


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