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The Negro toilers know too well the rewards they received from the slave drivers after paying with their toil and lives to make the world safe for democracy. 

They got the lynch rope, the chain-gang, forced labor and whippings, the prison and the shotgun!

All the capitalist nations are increasing their armaments tremendously and are rushing to launch an attack against Soviet Russia, in the attempt to find a way out of the Crisis and for te [[the]] re-division of the world.

Only one country -- Soviet Russia, governed by te [[the]] workingclass who smashed the Imperialist system during the war in 1917 and took over powers pur sues [[pursues]] a real and consistent peace policy.

Not only in the capitalists countries, but also in the colonies are feverisch [[feverish]] war preparations being made. The armies are being increased, naval and air bases and coastal defences [[defenses]] built and reinforced, strategics [[strategic]] railways are being made ready for the great slaughter.


Do not allow yourselves to be misled and deceived as in 1914- AN IMPERIALIST WAR IS ONLY IN THE INTEREST OF THE EXPLOITERS AND OPPRESSORS AND AGAINST THE WORKINGCLASS!  Only the toiling masses can put a stop to the schemes of the militarists, war profiteers and capitalists. A united working class can prevent the whole sale slaughter of the people.
Join in the fight to prevent war! Refuse to handle and transport arms and war material! 

Demonstrate together with the white workers against the war mongers and imperialist robbers!

Defend Soviet Russia and Soviet China!

Prevent war!


A Century of <>

August 1st, 1934, marks the 100the [[100th]] anniversary of the emancipation of the chattle [[chattel]] slaves in the British Empire. One hundred years ago, the British slave owners were paid the handsome sum of 20 million pounds for the <> of their property -- 700.000 black slaves who were manumited [[manumitted]]. 

The barbarous system of slavery, in which not only the landowners and merchants, but also the clergy and missionaries had heavy investments, had served tho [[to]] depopulate the African Coast by at least 60 million people, most of whom perished in the raids and on the high seas because of the extremely


cruel and unsanitary conditions to which they were subjected.

The tremendous profits derived from the enslavement of Negroes can be gleaned from a statement which appeared in <> of May 12, 1933: <>.

Today, after 100 years of <>, the native masses in the colonies are groaning under a system of semi-feudal exploitation and oppression, which is very little different from the days of chattle [[chattel]] slavery. They are no longer chattle [[chattel]] slaves. They are poverty-stricken, wage slaves, forced to toil for a mere pittance for the capitalist - imperialist rulers, who coin super-profits out of their labour.

Under the semi-slave system which they live, they are denied the most elementary human rights. Poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy are the heritage of the <> Negro under the rule and domination of British imperialism.

Only when the colonial toilers organize and unite their forces, will they be able to deal a death blow to the system of capitalist slavery and usher in the day of real emancipation 


The slave rebels in West Africa, in Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, etc , who fought so heroically against the plantation owners, have left you a glorious tradition. You must follow in their footsteps, and through your organized power strike a blow for freedom and complete independence.

The 143rd anniversary of the Haitian Revolution

The events of August 14, 1791, are of great historic significance to the millions of downtrodden and oppressed Negro toilers. On this day, the 700.000 black slaves of the Island of Haiti, a French colony, arose in open rebellion against the vicious and cruel system of chattle [[chattel]] slavery.

Under the able leadership of Toussaint L'Ouverture, a Negro slave, the masses of brutally treated slaves, struck the blow for freedom, that was destined to deal a decisive blow to the bestial slave system, not only in Haiti, but throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. 

Inspired by the events of the Great French Revolution of 1789, which was carried through by the rising industrial bourgeisie [[bourgeoisie]] under the slogans of iLberty [[Liberty]], Equality and Fraternity, the enslaved blacks determined to translate this into reality by smashing the bonds of servitude. 

But the French ruling class and landholders had not meant the slogans


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