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of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, to apply to black colonial slaves.
Napoleon's Army of 30,000 sent out to put down the rebellion, after long struggle, was completely defeated. The black rebels were victorious and in 1804 the despised slaves established the independence of Haiti.


After one hundred and eleven years of independence, the Haitian toilers were forced to rise once more to fight to maintain their hard won freedom. This time It was against the American Imperialist robbers who had invaded their country.

Practically unarmed, they fought heroically against the powerfully armed American bandits. They did not submit tamely. They fought back. They were only overwhelmed by superior forces.

For 19 years have the American Imperialists held sway over the Island with the bayonet and gunboat. But they did not conquer the spirit of the Haitian masses, who have carried on a continuous struggle against American occupation and domination.

Unable to break the resistance of the Haitian masses, the American ruling classes is compelled to seek methods, other than naked force to dominate the Haitian people,This domination is to be accomplished through the Haitian misleaders, who, In order to continue their own exploitation of the masses, are working hand in hand with the American bankers and capitalists.

The American bandits will withdraw the marines, but the National City Bank of New York and the bondholders will continue to control the financial affairs of Haiti through majority rule on the Board of Directors of the Haitian State Bank.

The Wall Street investors in HASCO (Haitian - American Sugar Co.) and the railroads will continue to wring super-profits from native toilers.
The heroic Haitian toilers who have paid with their blood to gain and maintain their freedom and independence will again rise and sweep aisle these native traitors and the Imperialists, and establish a real free Republic of the workers and peasants.

The American workers -- black and white -- must stretch uot [[out]] the hand of proletarian solidarity to assist the Haitian workers and peasants in their efforts to die themselves of the foreign and native parasites.

Smash the whole System of Terrorism For the Liberation of the Negro People! 




This month is the twentieth anniversary of the greatest slaughter of human beings ever recorded in the annals of mankind. Just twenty years ago -- August 1914 -- the great imperialist powers were feverishly mobilizing millions of workers, forcing them to defy death on the bloody battlefields of imperialism in the struggle for redivision of the world.

From every corner of the earth, they came, or rather, were forced to come and make a sacrifice before the altar of the goddess of capitalist greed. So much propaganda about <> had been circulated throughout the world during the period immediately preceding the declaration of war, until peoples everywhere -- from Africa to Australia, India to Patagonia -- firmly believed that some alien invaders were responsible for the miserable conditions in which they were living; therefore, they gladly took up arms to fight for the greatest illusion the world has ever known, namely, bourgeois democracy.

From every pulpit, platform, and newspaper the call to arms was broadcasted: THE INTEGRITY OF OUR COUNTRY (IS AT STAKE; LET US UNIT TO MAKE AMERICA A DECENT PLACE IN WHICH TO LIVE! This slogan captured the imagination of the American people It worked! Millions from the mills, mines, factories, and farms could not understand just what it was all about, they trusted America and her leaders; so they went to war. Had they known that this was to be the greatest orgy of profit seeking that the world had ever seen, the outcome of the war might have been different!
The Negro people in the United States, suffering under a double form of national oppression, were willing to fight for anything that smacked of democracy. -- They wanted to be free from Jim - Crowism segregation, lynching, peonage, and a host of nameless forms of oppression secured within the cabinet of ruling class justice, and yet to be unleashed against them. From the <> of the South, where the majority of the Negro people in the United States live, and where the oppression of them is more barbarous and severe, more than two million black boys registered for service to <>. z


Before they finally embarked for France, there was just one question they wanted to put the government: When will you stop lynching us? This was very embarrassing to the United States Government in a time when <> of America superseded everything. The government could not answer directly; however, it would answer the question

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