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The Scottsboro Boys Shall Not be Murdered!

To the toilers of all countries!

The American imperialists have all preparations made for a new outrage against the working class. The burning to death by electrocution, of the eight Negro boys at Scottsboro remains fixed for April 6th. 

The American bourgeoisie, faced on the one hand with the greatest economic crisis in its history and on the other hand with the increasing revolutionary militancy of the white and Negro toilers, is desperately trying to smash their united front in their common struggle against the employment, wage cuts, rationalization, bourgeois class justice and white terror. The chief victims are the brutally oppressed and exploited Negro toiling masses. This is why a new wave of lynchings is sweeping over the United States. 

This terror is not enough to satisfy the Negro-hating landlords and cotton-mill barons of the South. They are more than ever determined to burn to death these eight Negro boys, the youngest of whom is only 13 years old and the oldest, only 20 years. The death sentence still hangs over these boys, the sons of workers and tenant-farmers, while the representatives of the bourgeoisie - the State Supreme Court - "consider" the appeal. 

The object of this execution, as of the rising class terror all over the United States, is to strike fear into the hearts of the toiling masses, both white and black; to crush out their organized protest against the active participation of American capitalism in the imperialist war already started in the Far East and in the preparations for military intervention against the Soviet Union.

These continued outrages against the toiling masses and the Negroes in the United States have resulted in a world-wide wave of indignant protests and burning condemnation among the workers of America itself and those of every other country. In the face of the open hostility and attacks of the ultra-reactionary American Federation of Labor, the social-fascists, the Negro reformist National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (Garvey) which are objectively supporting this frameup, the workers of the whole world have already raised their protest under the leadership of the International Red Aid, the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers and other revolutionary organizations. 

The workers cannot put trust in the "justice" of the bourgeois courts. We have not forgotten the Mooney-Billings case, the Sacco-Vanzetti execution, the Harlan frame-ups! It is only the mass protest actions of the working class throughout the world that can restrain the labor hating capitalists and landlords of the state of Alabama from carrying out their murder programme. 

Mass Action and International Solidarity Must Save Them!

Toilers in all countries!

Demand the immediate, unconditional release of the Scottsboro Negro boys, including the boy sentenced to life imprisonment!

Down with the lynching of Negro workers in America!

For the united front of the Negro and white workers of the United States against the class terror of the bourgeoisie and their social-fascist and national-reformist agents! Long live the international solidarity of the toilers of all races and nationalities!

(Signed): Executive Committee of International Red Aid. Executive of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers. 


[[image: two black men hanging, having been lynched]] 
[[caption]] "Democracy" for Negroes in America. [[/caption]]

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