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The War Danger

War in the East
Negro Workers, defend the Soviet Union and the Chinese Revolution!

A new act of war has been committed by the Japanese imperialists in Manchuria, North China, where troops are being sent under all kinds of flimsy excuses to bomb defenseless cities and to annex Manchuria and turn it into a Japanese colony like Korea.  The highhanded policy of Japan has once more shown the utter futility of the League of Nations and the Kellog "Peace" Pact as instruments for preventing war.

China, which, like Japan, was a signatory of the Kellog Pact against war, has now appealed to all the nations (including Britain and the U.S.A.) which signed this pact, to intervence, but is certainly unlikely to get any satisfaction.

Furthermore, under Article 16 of the League Covenant the Assembly of the League of Nations is pledged to enforce a financial and economic blockade against any member of the League proved to have committed an act of violence against another member.

Japan and China are both members of the League, nevertheless, the attitude of the League has been such that Japan has been permitted the full right to send troops to implant herself firmly in the Chinese territory of Manchuria.

Hunt for Iron and Coal.

Among the reasons why Japan wants to steal Manchuria away from China is because coal and iron, two indispensable minerals in the economic life of any imperialist nation, are both lacking in Japan, while Manchuria is rich in these minerals.  Besides this, the Japanese capitalists already experiencing the effects of the world [[cutoff]]s are desperately attempting to find new colonial markets for their commo-[[diti?]]es and an outlet for the investment of their finance-capital.  Furthermore, they [[cutoff]]e that by starting a war they will be able to distract the attention of millions of peasants and workers who are actually starving from their class interests and [[tu?]]rn them into national patriots - thereby mobilizing them as cannonfodder in carrying out the robber policy of Japanese imperialism.

Preparing Attack upon Soviet Russia.

This imperialist expansion of Japan into Manchuria brings her into conflict with the Soviet Union, for she realizes that it will be dangerous to have Soviet territory bounding to her newly annexed colony, as the freedom which the toilers of the Soviet Union enjoy will be an incentive to the oppressed Chinese masses in Manchuria to follow the path of revolutionary struggle against their Japanese oppressors.

This is another reason why Japan, like the other imperialist powers America, England and France, are not only interested in dividing up China among themselves in the same way the European powers did with Africa during the last century, but are hoping to be able to compromise their imperialistic differences and unite together in launching an armed attack upon the revolutionary government in the Soviet districts of China and Soviet Russia, which they all hate and would like to destroy.


The capitalist powers of the West are all hoping that the Japanese militarists will succeed in provoking Soviet Russia into war, which will provide them with the opportunity of joining in the fight under some pretext or another.

The provocative attitude of the Japanese imperialists is shown by the lying reports which they are spreading with the aid of the capitalist press of Europe and America that the Soviet Union is supplying Chinese generals with ammunition to defend Manchuria against Japanese militarists.  The Soviet Government has categorically refuted these lies.

The Japanese imperialists require lies and slanders as an excuse in order to stretch out their robber hands against the stronghold of the revolutionary workers of the world, which has just celebrated its 14th anniversary; and which, with the greatest sacrifice and with utmost exertion of all its forces, is completing the third year of the Five-Year-Plan.

The new turn in the Manchurian war is an alarm signal to the workers throughout the world.  Whilst hitherto the protests against Japanese imperialism have been isolated, it is now necessary to strengthen them and to carry out a mass mobilization of the revolutionary proletariat in all countries.

The Japanese Note to the Soviet Government shows that the hour of the greatest danger to the Soviet Union is near.

The immediate answer to this Japanese provocation towards the Soviet Union must by closely connected with the mass action against the violation of Manchuria, against the imperialist robber campaign against the working masses of China.

Class - not Race War.

This new war of enslaving the Chinese people and stealing their country points an important lesson to the Negro workers and the toilers of the other darker races.  It exposes the whole misleading reformist programme of the Negro capitalists, landlords and intellectuals in America who try to hide up the class policy of the Japanese imperialists behind idle talk of "unity of the darker races".  Never will all the people of any race be united under capitalism, where there is rich and poor, exploiters and exploited.  These fakers know this, but in order to make the poor working class blacks forget their misery, the so-called Negro leaders are trying to create the impression among the Negro masses that all people with a dark skin, whether they belong to the capitalist or working class, have the same interests.

In the present Manchurian war we see through this lie.  For here we find the Japanese imperialists, member of the same yellow race (Mongolian) as the Chinese workers and peasants, using machine guns, bombing planes, battleships, and other devices of modern warfare to conquer and then enslave people of their own colour in just the same way as British imperialism oppresses the white toiling masses in Ireland, and the black Americo-Liberian ruling class their kinsmen in Liberia.

This is not the first time that the Japanese imperialists have shown themselves the same type of robbers and enslavers like their white imperialist brothers in Europe and America, by using arms to massacre people of their own race.  They did the same to the Koreans, and since then, the Japanese imperialist policy in Korea can only be compared with that of the French, Portuguese, British and Belgian in Africa, where terror, forced labour and the most brutal forms of oppression exist.  The Negro workers must not forget that in all capitalist countries whether the population happens to be white as in Europe, yellow as in Japan and China, brown as in India, or black as in Liberia and Haiti, it is not colour that counts, but class.

Rich Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Negroes exploit the poor of their own

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