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race in just the same way as white capitalists oppress the white workers.  Exploitation knows no colour-line.  A capitalist and landlord is the same bloodsucker, no matter what colour he might be.  This is what every Negro worker must recognize in the present conflict in Manchuria; for only in this way will the Negro masses be able to expose the deceptive plans of their own capitalists, landlords and other schemers who, like Marcus Garvey, in order to build up their capitalist business enterprises in America and Africa are trying to get the masses of his race to believe that all black people have the same interests - whether they be capitalists, landlords or workers.

[[caption]] Monster Demonstration of Chinese workers and students in Shanghai against Japanese imperialism in Manchuria [[/caption]] 

The Negro workers must join hands with the working class of all the world in fighting for their class interests and ralling [[sic]] to the defense of the Chinese workers and peasants as well as of Soviet Russia, the fatherland of all workers and oppressed peoples -, against Japanese imperialism and capitalist intervention.


Under the Yoke of Imperialism

Hands off Liberia!

Capitalist Rivalry for Colonies.

All of the capitalist countries of Europe and America, as well as the colonial and semi-colonial countries are in the greatest economic crisis which the world has ever experienced.  This is causing untold hardship and misery for the working class and peasantry.  Over 40 millions workers are unable to find jobs, while hundreds of millions of peasant toilers of all races and colours, are faced with starvation and hunger.

In the face of all of this deprivation and hardship, the capitalists have refused to give any relief to the unemployed workers, but instead, are cutting down the wages of those who are fortunate enough to still have jobs, while at the same time the working hours are being increased.  Furthermore, the workers are being made to work faster and faster in the mines and factories as well as on the plantations.  This is known as the policy of capitalist rationalisation and enables the exploiters to maintain their great profits.

Not satisfied with this, these same capitalist robbers, especially the powerful imperialist nations like United States, France, England and Japan are competing with each other for the purpose of getting new territories as sources for raw materials and markets where they can dump their manufactured goods.

This rivalry is leading to new imperialist wars.  While at the same time all of the capitalist nations are plotting intervention against Soviet Russia, the only country ruled over by a workers' government.  Already Japan has started to make war against China and is provoking the Soviet Union into war by sending troops to Manchuria, territory next to the workers' republic.

America is also one of the foremost nations struggling to obtain new colonies.  This rivalry is daily becoming sharper and sharper between the United States, England, France and Japan.

The Firestone Dictatorship in Liberia.

During the latter part of the last century, when Africa was divided up among the European nations, America was not so much interested in this continent.  America found her colonial expansion in the Pacific where she stole the Philippine Islands, and in the Caribbees, where she annexed Porto Rico and established a protectorate over Cuba and the Latin-American countries through the Monroe Doctrine.  But since the last imperialist war, the American capitalists have become very much interested in Africa.  Why?  The automobile manufacturers found themselves confronted with the necessity of securing large supplies of rubber for the manufacture of motorcar tires.  Until this time England was the greatest producer of rubber which was secured in Malay and Java in the East.  This gave the British capitalists a monopoly over this indispensable commodity, and unabled [[sic]] them to dictate prices to the American manufacturers.  This economic dependence upon the British did not suit the American imperialists, so that they began to look around to find some country in which they could secure their own source of raw

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