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the unemployed and by driving the unemployment struggle along political and revolutionary channels.

* * * 

WITH the sharpening of the class struggle and with the growth of the influence of the Communist Party and the deepening of the crisis of capitalism, the attack against our Party and the revolutionary working class becomes severe. The coming congressional investigation of the activities of the Party, the vicious attacks on the Party and the revolutionary trade union movement by the Socialist Party and the A. F. of L. are all in themselves attempts to drive the Communist Party and the revolutionary movement underground. This the working class must not permit. It is now the duty of every class conscious worker to prepare himself and mobilize his shop mates for the struggle for the legal existence of the Communist Party and demand the immediate and unconditional release of the leaders of the New York demonstration and of the hundreds of workers who arrested and prosecuted by the State in the demonstrations of the various cities of the United States during March 6. In this struggle the Socialist Party and the renegades from Communism again showed their true face. The Socialist Party has no objection to the police clubbing workers and arresting Communists. It only objects on the ground that this may give recognition to the Communist Party as the only fighter for the interests of the working class. The degenerate Lovestone and Cannon group, on the other hand, following the footsteps of Norman Thomas, accuse the Communist Party of driving itself underground for its own adventurist purpose. This was to be expected, because at the very outset of the struggle of the unemployed, Lovestone called the preparations of the Communist Party and the revolutionary trade unions against unemployment, a "putch."

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SIDE by side with the sharpening crisis of capitalism internationally, the differences between the capitalist powers are sharpening and are coming more to the forefront.  The London Conference is a splendid exhibition of this situation. Openly the capitalist press recognizes that the London Conference was a failure, but this is only bringing out the correctness of the Leninist analysis that disarmament under capitalism cannot be accomplished. However, while the imperialist powers failed because of their contradictory and antagonistic interest to come to an understanding even on the question of degree of arming themselves, they have agreed on a united struggle against the Soviet Union. The working class must note that now there is a new aspect being drawn into the struggle of the capitalist world and their allies, the Socialists against the Soviet Union. They are
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