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The bestial, sadistic Nazi pogroms against the German Jews, and their violent attacks upon the Catholics, which grew directly out of the Munich Betrayal, had a two-fold effect in the United States. It aroused on the one hand a profound, anti-fascist, democratic indignation among the masses, and on the other hand is stimulated the revival of the reactionary, anti-Negro, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic terrorist groups, and emboldened the fascist-minded bourgeoisie and their reactionary accomplices in their increased activity to use these "storm gangs" against the people.


During the past period there have been increasing manifestations of anti-semitism, now by subtle whispers and intimations, now open and barefaced. This is assuming the form of pamphlets, folders, leaflets, stickers, magazines, boycott movements, etc. Such organs of reaction as the New York Herald Tribune, particularly, through the unmentionable traitor and prostitute of the pen, George Sokolsky; the New York Sun, and recently the New York Daily News, indulge in anti-Semitic propaganda. The Amsterdam News, a leading Negro newspaper, has indulged in back-handed attacks. 

Certain public utilities, such as the Telephone Co., Consolidated Edison, etc., who refuse to hire Negroes, except as menials, also discriminate against Jews. Also private institutions such as the National City Bank, Bowery Savings Bank, Irving Trust, Bank of Manhattan, Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company, Chemical Bank and Trust Company, Dime Savings Bank, and the Empire City Savings Bank.

There also exists discrimination by the reactionary officials in government agencies. Congressman Dies of Texas, one of the swelled-headed "little Garners" says that there are 135 anti-Semitic organizations in the country; and who should know better than this ill-concealed hireling of Hitler?



In Harlem and among other parts of the country anti-Semitic agents are busy. In Italian Harlem, the "National American," an extremely vicious, lying sheet, is published by the National Press Association, at the 147 East 116th Street. It appears to be run by a combination of Nazi agents, representatives of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, and Italian fascists. There has also come to our attention, a tract, reprinted by them, from the American Publishing Society, Bremerton, Washington. This tract contains all the stock arguments of anti-Semites, as well as forgeries attributed to Benjamin Franklin and Karl Marx. Undoubtedly, this represents only a small portion of their propaganda.

In Spanish-speaking Harlem, Franco agents are active spreaders of anti-Semitism. An illustrated literary weekly in the Spanish language, Puerto Rico Illustrado, owned by National City Bank, carries every week an anti-Semitic article, and recently published an extremely vicious one called, "The Red Plague," by Concha Espina. The newspaper, La Prensa, indulges every now and then in Jew-baiting.

the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo alliance is flooding Latin America with anti-Semitic literature. This is bound to reflect itself in Lower Harlem. the book, "Oro," or "Gold," by the well-known South American writer, Hugo Wast, containing quotations from the "Protocols of Zion," and equally vicious anti-Semitic material, sold as high as 30,000 copies in Buenos Aires in a single month. "Oro" is just an example of the flood of anti-Semitic stuff that is being spread in South America. There is no doubt that it had a big sale in Lower Harlem. 

In Negro Harlem, there is Arthur Reid and a group around him, who received the mantle from the now deceased "Sufi," the first to coin the slogan. "Drive the Jews Out of Harlem." In a current issue of their paper, "The Harlem

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