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36 Cabot Hall, Radcliffe
Cambridge, Mass.
March 26, 1947

Dear folks,

Spring! As Ina, Louise & I tramped down to the new Lecture Hall [[strikethrough]] we ran [[/strikethrough]] the snow was dashing--[[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] is all gone now, but a cold wind remains. We saw "Les Bas Fonds": character sketch of a fat French father; [[strikethrough]] little significance in plot [[/strikethrough]] it was difficult to read the English titles [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] and follow the action above; the speaking was impossible. Rather disappointing.

Tonight I'm going to the concert--with whom I don't know--at Saunders' Theatre: modern & classical music. Then Thursday... I will stay over-night at the Club no time for sheet-washing, etc., I'm afraid. One wonderful week.

Guess the train will be in not long after 12.

I'm sorry Dolores has such a cold. Hope she'[[strikethrough]]ll[[/strikethrough]] not home in bed.

I'll have to bring: 2 volumes of history; 2 small notebooks; few papers; clothes. I'd like to collect some plants down there for Inc (Ina). She's got quite a herbarium, and would like to add all the Eastern plants she can before going West.

Lost articles went for cents at an auction [[strikethrough]] We [[/strikethrough]] Monday. One girl, however, was forced to pay $5 to get her own ring back! I got a wool neck scarf for 25¢ (plaid, fine), a brown wool kerchief (large & soft) for 25¢, pair of [[strikethrough]] pen [[/strikethrough]] dark red mittens for 25¢, new lipstick for 10¢ (expensive
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