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Arlington, Va.
25 March 1947.

Dear Doris:

I will try to get this off before I leave so you will receive it before you leave.     By all means call her Beatrice, - don't remind her of her agedness, none of us likes that. We really hanker to be girls always, and it will warm her up to be treated young and to tell her freely of your little affairs,- if you can get a word in, for she is fearfully long winded.    She takes it from her father and he in turn from old Elisha Monk. You know he was the one, old Elisha, who came down & saw Glen Echo and went home and named his pond (York Pond) Glen Echo, too.    They built the only brick block in town. When her mother died Beatrice got a quartet out from Boston and then barely a dozen folks came to the funeral.   I don't know how she keeps up this grand style. She can't earn too much, but it is second nature to her, so take it as utterly sincere. It is.    But it is going to cramp you for time if you leave at noon Friday, as I hope you can.     You must get everything all done & ready to fly the coop.   Be sure to bring enough this [[?]] and let us know when you are arriving. We will be there, but if we should miss you, go to the telephone room. It will be too late, if you get here Fri. night, for Dolores, I think, and I told her so.    She isn't awfully well over that grippy attack poor child.     Be careful of yourself and don't get down, but rest up all you can.  You don't want to come down with a cold as soon as you arrive.

Wear your street clothes over to Beatrice's and change after supper, then you will have something to change into to rush to your morning classes.    She is nice to think of everything for you and we must try to give her something in return.

I can't wait till you get here.-- have been counting off the days. Don't get too tired out.
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