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"Mabel - I've made a marvelous discovery"

A new use for Listerine now employed by women everywhere a a part of the daily toilette

We print herewith an excerpt of a letter from one woman to another; a letter similar to the many hundreds we ourselves receive.

"...Mabel, I've made a marvelous discovery about Listerine - it's simply wonderful used as an astringent.

"I learned about it quite by accident. Drove into a small town (with the Spencers) late one night, found I had left half of my toilet things back at home, no drug store open, me hot, dirty, tired and badly in need of a facial 'going-over.'

"I did, however, have a half filled bottle of Listerine and decided to try it after the cold cream.

"It worked out beautifully, closing the pores and giving a wonderful feeling of freshness. I always use it now. It actually seems to rejuvenate the face momentarily and seems to suit my particular type of skin as well of better than many astringents costing five times as much. I note, too, that the better beauty shops are using it as an astringent."

Please give Listerine a trial, using it exactly as you would any astringent. You will be delighted. Literally thousands of women have tried Listerine this way and are enthusiastic about its effectiveness and economy.

Listerine is a natural astringent. It swiftly contracts pores, gives tones o facial muscles and leaves the skin smooth, cool, and refreshed. Moreover, it is a safe though powerful germicide* and therefore prevents infection.

Tell the men about this! 
50¢ quality
Listerine Shaving Cream
now 25¢

[[image - woman using Listerine on her face]]

Because of its many toilette uses, Listerine is always found in the bath room cabinet of the fastidious woman, and in her hand bag when she travels. 
Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.

Amazing germ-killing power with safety

"Listerine is a swift destroyer of germs and at the same time is safe and delightful to use. Used full strength it kills germs in counts ranging to 200,000,000 in 15 seconds (fastest killing time science has accurately recorded).

Disciples of Good Will
By Nahum Daniel Brascher

Christmas makes us think of "Peace of Earth and GOOD WILL Toward Men." There may have been, there must have been, good will on earth before the choir of heaven sang on that first Christmas morning, but that date is a sufficient beginning for my story.

This, however, is neither a Christmas nor bedtime story. I am an optimist by nature. Confessedly, there are times when I fight like what Sherman said war is, to keep from becoming pessimistic and cynical. After thirty and more years of newspaper and magazine writing; public life, public and private contacts, I presume I am somewhat sophisticated, and should, probably, be somewhat in the realm of the philosopher.

I take life, everywhere, as I find it-yesterday, today and forever. As a Hoosier schoolboy, I lived in the world of illusions. I thought the moon was made of green cheese. I thought the king could do no wrong. I thought all the ministers were saints; all the doctors knew everything; all the lawyers were great and all women divine. My awakening came gradually, for which  I am very, very thankful. I still have faith in the beauty of life, the glory of man and the wonders of woman.

During these score and ten years or more, from living in that little Indiana town, down to the present; traveling thousands of miles and meeting thousands and thousands of people, living today in Chicago, and knowing New York equally as well, I have made some observations and have reached some conclusions. I have thought this a good time to turn some of them loose, "for better or worse, rich or poor, in sickness and health."

I bring you a message on DISCIPLES OF GOOD WILL. Who are they? The Disciples of Good Will, in this message, are all persons, everywhere, at any time who have helped, or are helping, their fellowmen. A Disciple of Good Will may be one in any field of endeavor. He might be a day laborer; he may be a merchant; he could be an inventor, a journalist, a teacher, a bishop or a retired capitalist. Every human has a chance.

There have been, are, and ever shall be, DISCIPLES OF GOOD WILL--men and women, devoted to a purpose or cause, some blessed by great genius, and endowed with wonderful sincerity. We live in the comforts and luxuries of civilization because of them. We seldom pause, or rise, or kneel, to give thanks for those who have made our present day living possible. We live in a world of acceptance--we take everything as a matter of course, from pins to railroads. And yet, a single finished pin goes through scores of processes before it reaches your cushion; and the evolution of the railroad train, from the beginning to the Century and Broadway, makes a narrative of invention, sacrifice and tragedy that reads like a story of the Arabian Nights.

Since we are all so self sufficient in our own conceit, so loaded down with the personal joy of egotism, what is another fact in consideration of those who have been, and are, Disciples of Good Will? It is outstanding. It could be amazing. But what would amaze the heady world of today? When the Graf Zeppelin was flying over the Chicago Loop, for the first time, thousands were interested,curious; and yet, I saw others as indifferent as though it were one of the thousands of street cards that pass along daily.

Here, then, is the outstanding fact about Disciples of Good Will, as I have studied them, and about them, from Jesus Christ to Marcus Garvey: None of them without enemies; none of them without friends!

The same voice that praises, oftentimes condemns; it has been ever thus. Therefore, historians must wait until events are seasoned with time before they can write unbiased narratives--and then it does not always happen.

My mind has hurriedly gone over the names of Saint Paul, Julius Caesar, Mary Queen of Scots, Joan of Arc, Napoleon;

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Lincoln Johnson, Paul Laurence Dunbar; 

R. R. Moton, W. E. B. DuBois, Robert S. Abbott, Oscar DePriest, William Pickens;

Or, if you will, President Hoover, Benito Mussolini, Ramsay MacDonald, or Ghandi of India.

Each, all, were, are, revered and cursed;  praised and damned.  Each, all, had, or has a following, and, by the same token, opponents;  some passive, others bitter.  Yet, I think all of them were, are, in their light, DISCIPLES OF GOOD WILL.  Likewise, countless millions more.  I give each credit for the courage of conviction, albeit, I may not always see the same light that shines for them.

Some people are eternal faultfinders and oppose measures they should support.

I plead for the solemn consideration of the best in everyone, everywhere, all the time—and above all, BE FAIR!


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