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What the Woman
Will Wear

The same sort of thing happens to shoes. In the Macy short-vamp oxford shown at the bottom column one plain brown is livened again with scalloped rows of perforations backed with light-colored kid, the pale color giving an effect of white when seen on the foot. The oxford itself, by the way, is a marvelously comfortable town walking shoe from the store's Little Shop of Shoes, where all the models are bench-made. You will like its heel, which is not high nor yet low; but graceful and flattering.

The other oxford shown in this same sketch is white kid with lots of perforation, and a lattice effect in brown stitching. For your summer costumes in white with touches of brown. This is one of the new and popular airy effects, and will be seen in several shops around town before very long. 

[[image - drawing of a woman wearing a long dress]]
[[caption]] Linen Damask [[/caption]] 

Jewelry, of course, is always helpful when other means of injecting the white note into a costume fall flat. Lord & Taylor's new enameled bracelets--flat bands of black, white or colored enamel edged with shiny metal--are one of the latest useful devices to emerge into public view. You wear two, one on each arm. Black ones over white gloves are nice, or white ones with black gloves; or you can wear a white one on one arm and any chosen color on the other.

More white, in larger measure: At the head of column one there is sketched a coat from Hawes, Inc.--a spongy woolen that buttons up to the neck and fits the form on the way down in a typically suave line.

On this page, another Hawes original in linen damask, for women who like to vary stark white with a touch of yellow in summer. The damask, cut on loose lines, has that smart, bulky look. --Marie.

[[image - drawing of a women wearing lingerie]]

"Gree-Shen" Reg. U.S.Pat.Office
Maiden Form...

The Maiden Form "GREE-SHEN" may be had in net, crepe de chine and Alencon lace. Maiden Form boned princess girdle of brocaded moire shown.

If the Greeks had a word for it, it would have been "Maiden Form Gree-shen"...and it would have meant "the perfect uplift"[.] For this exquisite uplift does what no other brassier has ever gives absolutely firm, comfortable bust support by means of its clever cross-ribbon design...and it does so with such deftness that your sheerest chiffon would not betray the reason for your new figure loveliness!

At dealers everywhere

The Maiden Form Brassiere Reg.U.S.Pat.Office

Maiden Form has a host of imitators. Accept no substitute Insist on the Maiden Form trademark label


[[image - Box of Coty face powder]]

Without Benefit of Footlights

Close-up, across the dinner table, or in the loge, when the lights are bright...the nearer you are to your "public" the more you'll want to give your precious skin the flattery of COTY Face Powder. Its twelve individual tones are created to allure--not obscure--skin beauty. Its precious Coty fragrances haunt the heart like a snatch of song. One Dollar.

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