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...My father ask when he see, "What's a JIHAD?

...I say "It's a HOLY WAR." ...Daddy say "Right on!"..
              ...and he over fifty.

Wadsworth Jarrell: "If you can get to be bop you can get to me." Now y'all get to this--his piece called "Boss Couple." Portrait of him and his beautiful manchild. Po-si-tive! Righteous thinkin!...He know a dynamic duo when he see one. And then there's his "Homage to a Giant." It's Malcolm...Malcolm. In brilliant tableaus peepin' at/checkin'us out...and in humble service, honoring his gentle visage --two young man/warriors/heroes of a new generation.

But we gotta get hip to elders. Next time you crack on an older brother (over fifty like my father) -- check yourself--or better, check Carolyn Lawrence's "Pops," or Jeff Donaldson's "Amos 'n' Andy 1972." Them brothers been through a whole lot to get us here. They don' be jivin. You see mo life in they aging eyes then you find on the baddest night at hugh hefner's. Yeah.  They's the brothers what be sayin stuff like: "If I can't cut the mustard I mo lick the jar!" Deal with that.

Nelson, Jeff, Carolyn, Wadsworth and Gerald paint. Jae Jarrell is a sister who designs clothes...and she got some sho nuff rags for you. Like a suit for sisters with bullets draped cross the jacket in mild attention--ready. She married to the Daddy of "Boss Couple." They Know.

More handicraft/art. Remember ironwork patch work lye soap? Napoleon Henderson does tapestries. OO-oo-oo! Yeah. He got colors/energy/textures goin--every fiber a conducting vessel to be reckoned with. Touch 'em. let 'em blow your mind.
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