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wildly about the grounds just missing everything in sight, ready to crash any moment, then the trick was [[crossed-out]]out as[[/crossed-out]] revealed when his wig fell off [[crossed-out]]when[[/crossed-out]] as he made a graceful landing. 

On June 15th Beachey flew at Evansville, Indiana, with Kearney, then on the 17th he and Havens flew at Kokomo, Indiana. June 19th he was at Elmira, New York, then was a contestant at the Boston Meet starting June 29th. There all the pilots had their licenses suspended for flying at an unsanctioned event. They[[crossed-out]]se[[/crossed-out]] were reinstated on August 31st. At Boston Beachey carried mail on July 2nd. He then flew at Benton Harbor, Michigan, and carried mail. He flew at Nutwood Park, Dubuque, Iowa, before huge crowds; on August 21st at Rockport, Indiana, where he carried mail, then on the 23rd he flew at Plainfield, New York, and again carried mail. From the 28th to 31st he was at Booneville, Indiana, and carried mail. September 2nd to 6th Beachey flew at the West Virginia State Fair at Wheeling, then on the 7th at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Earl Sandt. September 9th he was at Cedar Falls, Iowa, and carried mail; September 10th to 14th at the Wisconsin State Fair at Milwaukee, then on September 15th he flew at Wausau, Wisconsin. 

September 22nd and 23rd Beachey was at the 1912 Chicago Meet at Grant Park. There he and Kearney put on a dangerous, sensational show and were flagged down by the meet officials, and Beachey's license was revoked again, for flying down Michigan Avenue just above the street lights. On the 23rd he staged his "Madame Helene" act of flying when he dressed as a woman and again had the crowds on their feet. September 26th to 28th he flew at McLeansboro, Illinois, carried mail; at Peoria, Illinois, on October 3rd, then at Lawrence, Kansas, on the 4th and 5th. There he had a smashup when the lower wing of his plane hit the ground when he was forced to take off in a turn to get out of a very bad place. He flew at the Illinois State Fair for one week beginning October 8th and again carried mail. 

Following this Beachey was in Washington, D.C., flying a Curtiss [[crossed-out]]H[[/crossed-out]] ydro [[crossed-out]]aero[[/crossed-out]] lane at the War College, carrying Army officers. While there he also flew a 75 [[crossed-out]]H.P.[[/crossed-out]] 
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