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Working on north Fowler was at Kansas City in June, where he and Bud Mars formed the Fowler-Mars Company, but apparently it was short-lived. Fowler was flying there for a time and on July 15th he and Harold Kantner flew an exhibition together. In October Fowler was back in California where he bought a new Gage tractor biplane with a Hall-Scott 60 h.p. engine, from the Gage-McClay Company at Griffith Aviation Park, Los Angles. He made his first flight with this new plane on October 19th, flying from Griffith Field to the Cawston Ostrich Farm at South Pasadena, where he made exhibition flights, dropping plumes on the spectators. This performance was repeated on the following day. 

At this time Fowler was under contract to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco for a vaudeville firm [[strikethrough]], then [[/strikethrough]] that was appearing at the Empress Theatre in San Francisco. The flight was to have been a race between Fowler's plane and a Cadillac car driven by Charles Soules. Stops were to be made at Sagus, Bakersfield, Fresno, and Gilroy, with the finish at the Exposition Grounds in San Francisco. Fowler started from Griffith Field on November 7th flying his new plane, and landed at Sagus. Leaving there he had mountains to get over. On his first try he climbed to 3,500 feet then decided to land and remove the mufflers from the engine and gain additional power. Taking off on his second trial he nosed in soft sand and turned turtle, damaging the plane, but was not injured. He then gave up the flight and shipped the plane on to San Francisco. It was ready to fly that weekend. Fowler was appearing at the theater and during the period of his engagement [[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] he flew over the downtown San Francisco on November 12th. He remained there through the month, and on November 22nd flew over the city again, then proceeded on to his home at Gilroy, 80 miles away. 

On December 7th Fowler flew as a passenger with Silas Christofferson in his new hydro at San Francisco and became interested in water flying. On December 23rd Fowler flew to Gilroy again and returned to San Francisco on the 25th to enter the air meet at Tanforan Park, [[strikethrough]] San Francisco [[/strikethrough]] held from the 25th to 30th. Also flying in this event were Silas Christofferson, Lincoln Beachey, Roy Francis, Tom Gunn and Thad Kerns. At this meet [[strikethrough]] there [[/strikethrough]] Fowler made some altitude flights and did his full share to entertain the crowds.