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Pioneer Bleriot Monoplane Pilot - Instructor

Andre Houpert was born near Paris, France, May 29, 1886. Information is lacking regarding his education and early life, but he was mechanically inclined and developed an early interest in aviation when it started in France. As a result he learned to fly at the Bleriot School at Pau, France, in late 1910 and was granted French Flying License No. 441, dated May 3, 1911.

It is not known when he came to the United States, but when the Moisant School of Aviation started at Hempstead, Long Island, on May 13, 1911, Houpert was there as instructor. It is believed that he was probably induced to come to this country by John B. Moisant. They had become acquainted at the Bleriot School. Houpert had built a small plane in France some time before, which he brought over and was stored in a shed by the Moisants. Houpert had an older brother, Henri, who already lived in New York and operated a small garage in the city. This may also have had some influence [[strikethough]]i[[/strikethrough]] on Andre's decision to come [[strikethrough]] coming [[/strikethrough]] to the United States.

The Moisant School started at Garden City, Long Island, with offices in New York, known as the Hempstead Plains Aviation Company. The school began with one Bleriot monoplane, powered by a 3-cylinder, 30 h.p. Anzani engine. The company had a shop in Winfield, Long Island, where additional planes were under construction for school and exhibition work. Houpert's first pupil was Harriet Quimby, followed by John Moisant's sister Matilda. By mid-summer they had reportedly completed si[[strikethrough]]z[[/strikethrough]]x Moisant-Bleriot-copy monoplanes at their shop, four with 3-cylinder, 30 h.p Anzani engine and two with 50 h.p., Gnome rotary engines. This Moisant class of students grew, and by July the two ladies were flying very capably. Miss Quimby obtained F.A.I. Certificate No. 37 on August 1, 1911, becoming the first licensed woman pilot in the United States. F.E. DeMurias recieved his license the same day. Miss Moisant was issued Certificate No. 44 on August 13th.In September the school moved from Garden City to Hempstead Plains.

In early Novemeber, Houpert left for Mexico City[[strikethrough]]n[[/strikethrough]] for an air meet starting
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