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Early Baldwin Exhibition Flyer

Flying Pioneers Biographies
Of Harold E. Morehouse

Revd.nasm 5/24/67

Smithsonian Negative No. 79-10042

Tod Schriver was born at Manchester, Ohio, June 3d, 1873. He attended local schools and was learning the printing trade when he decided to join Ringling Bros. Circus. Later he went with the Barnum and Bailey Circus and traveled around the world. 

Capt. T. S. Baldwin found Schriver with the circus and offered him a job in his balloon business. He accepted and reportedly started with Baldwin at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904 and remained on with him as a staunch employee. In 1907-1908 Schriver assisted Baldwin with the building of the first United States Army dirigible at Hammondsport, and there he became acquainted with Glenn Curtiss. Schriver then assisted with the U.S. Government trials of the airship at Ft. Meyer, Virginia in August, 1908 and was present when Orville Wright made his first demonstration flights before military officers.

When Curtiss began experimenting with aeroplanes Schriver left Baldwin and joined Curtiss at Hammondsport as a mechanic. There he developed into an exceptional all-around workman and quite an expert with motors. In this capacity Schriver was of great assistance through the entire period of the Aerial Experiment Association and Curtiss came to rely on him to check his plane and tune up the motor before starting a flight. As a result Schriver was chosen to 

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