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On Dec. 29-1917
The Following were at


Walter Johnson-Harry Jones-Maroney & Boh Senior
LE Holt James Johnson R.M. Wright
W.H. Bleakley, Crewdson, E.A. Johnson, Walter Lees Earl Southan
Ben Whelan Bert Acosta AL Allan J.D. Hill Vic Vernon
                      Millington Tern
Eugene Hoth - Fred Hoover Elmer Partridge M.R. Priest Leon D. Smith
Allan S Adams
Baxter Adams Al Boshek {checkmark}
             {arrow}  San Antonio
Roy Francis Lawrence Leon E.A. Stevison
                      San Diego
E.S. Daugherty Dana DeHart Theo McCauley O. Teccin Francis Wildwan
                      Waco Texas
H.C. Keller Cogswell Geo Weaver G.S. Ireland
                      Wichita Falls
H.W. Powers E.C. Hall

        Commissions seem to have been given
on Nov 22-1917
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