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considered in some detail. After discussion it was voted to recommend that the Board of Regents consider for adoption the following motion:

VOTED that since the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution has been officially requested to express an opinion concerning the method of appropriation to the National Zoological Park and since the Regents recognize that the administration of the National Zoological Park by the Smithsonian Institution contributes to the economy and efficiency of the Park by providing expert consultative services and by securing gifts of specimens through correspondents with the Smithsonian throughout the world and in other ways, the Board expresses its belief that the National Zoological Park's operating and capital outlay expenses should be paid out of District and Federal funds in the same ratio as the number of District visitors bears to the number of visitors from outside the District of Columbia based on a number of months of adequate sampling of visitors. This ratio should be adjusted every two years. The Regents in expressing this opinion wish to emphasize the fact that the decision concerning this matter must be made by the Congress. The recommendation contained in this motion, therefore, should be interpreted as an advisory one based upon the necessarily limited information available to the Regents at this time. 

This matter will come before us for consideration under a later item on the agenda.

The Committee then considered the problem of roads through the Park. After viewing the history of proposals for improvement of roads through or around the National Zoological Park, it was voted that the Executive Committee recommend to the Board of Regents concurrence in the following agreement:

1. The Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution and the Secretary of the Interior, with the approval of the National Capital Planning Commission (47 Stat. 162), agree to the continuation of the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway as a park road through the National Zoological Park, thereby completing the connecting road between Rock Creek Park and Potomac Park.

2. The extension will follow the line plotted on the attached map as prepared by the Federal Bureau of Public Roads and recommended by representatives of the National Park Service, the Smithsonian Institution and the National Capital Planning Commission.

3. The extension will consist of two lanes only, crossing from west to east over Rock Creek just beyond Calvert Street Bridge, tunneling through Administration Hill (so-called) and following the east side of Rock Creek to Porter Street.
4. The Harvard Street entrance to the National Zoological Park will bridge over the parkway extension.

5. The extension will be fenced on the side adjacent to Rock Creek to protect the 
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