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January 31, 1949

Dear folks,

I approve of your yellow paper. It is easier on the eyes.

Guess I haven't writ since Wednesday. Did go to a movie, [[strikethrough]] & have s [[/strikethrough]]: Symphonie Pastorale. one of the most perfect films I have ever seen. You must not at any costs miss it. With Janet Franklin, Hope's sister; & she had to leave in the middle to go on a date -- awful. Several other things have made life go fast -- Thursday I went to Mass League of Women Voters' session on Far-East, Harvard profs addressing; & the Cards; again there on Friday, supper both times. Sat spent afternoon with Bill in their new apartment; [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] Harry & Bill & [[strikethrough]] a George be [[/strikethrough]] "the Lug" (can't recall name) live [[strikethrough]] there [[/strikethrough]] together now; the Lug is more hearty & coarse than the others, his optimism (tho' misdirected it seems to me) holds them, as does Bill's critical sense & Harry's sympathy. They all had girls there save Ted Kushnik, a [[strikethrough]] friend of [[/strikethrough]] lab partner of Bill's. The Lug had his specialty --spagetti & sauce of hamburger, etc; & salad by Harry; we ate hugely. Then to a double feature: The Damned (Germans escaping after defeat: pretty good) & The Kreutzer Sonata, so [[strikethrough]] har [[/strikethrough]] melodramatic we were in stitches throughout. Nice to go there, tho depressing. None are really happy. Sunday to Jane's for [[strikethrough]] her [[/strikethrough]] lunch & afternoon. Her brother Ned was there, and as the Cunninghams were in NY, we had the house to ourselves. The C's believe in coal conservation; [[strikethrough]] we it was [[/strikethrough]] a very funny sight was the duel between Jane & Ned: [[strikethrough]] to put the [[/strikethrough]] he [[strikethrough]] tip [[/strikethrough]] would tiptoe over to put it up while she was absorbed in Plato; [["unnotecens"?]], she would respond when he had forgotten. They were preparing Plato for the exam today, I reading for tutorial. We made pancakes -- Ned's dish -- in our various ways, for lunch. More fun, a most wholly happy atmosphere. Ned is a Freshman, not sure of major; is very fond of living. Much fun to see them [[strikethrough]] agreeing [[/strikethrough]] figuring out Plato. She, upstairs in her bath, would suddenly cry, "I know what it is!" and the conversation would go on. Love of learning c'est ca. Then she went out to supper