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, OSTA PAD, RMS [[Check]], orb ops
MLR: mono-disperse latex reactors: Latex spheres, all the same size. Middeck experiment, operates off orbitar power, occupies space of ~ 2 lockers (cannister) + 1 locker (control box). "Turned on" pre-flight (to "pre-process"), after loading ~ 48 hrs before launch. Taken to "process" after PLBD opening. 
Automatically shut off 14 hrs later [2 tb to indicate pur-on & malfunction (for which it shuts off]. Weitenhagen has hand-out.

Heflex: predecessor to Heflex on Spacelab 1. SLI purpose is to measure plant "mutation" in zero-g (using sunflowers) with t-lapoe photography, etc. Nutation varies w/ plant size, age, etc... to compare ΓΈ-g results need to know [[erased]] how [[erased]] (age no size) for a given H2O (soil) concentration, & how that compares to 1-g (age no size) at that concentration. ST3-2 exp will measure growth of sunflowers as a function of soil moisture (for several soil moistures). Experiment is self-contained, no crew interface, located in mid-deck locker. Weitenhagen has hand-out.

IECM: several sensors to measure orbiter environment. Can run off internal pwr or orbiter pwr: Pmt for A, E; orbiter for on-orbit. IECM Pos 1/2 sw on R11 controls the map mass spectrometer: one position is for normal data takes, the other for calibration => SEE HANDOUT
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