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December 23

1983 - Friday - 24° at 6 AM - Moon in Southwest.  Sun 7:17- 4:32.  Very cold but sunny day.  To town - picked up French Ham at Brunetti - bought notepaper for the Sattler's - birthday cards - Grand Central - liquor store - -home to unpack - then to Louise McKeon's at 11 - Conn. Conservation Meeting on wetlands - she gave us lunch - Ann Tracy and young Dan there - worked until 3:30 - did wash - made piecrust - had nap - Wes split wood - it still hurts his side

1984 - Sunday - 29° at 6:45 - Fair sunny day.  Colder than yesterday - around 42°, but bright & lovely. 
House chores- put heat on in livingroom and cleaned there as Rosses stopping by the afternoon. 
Outdoors to replace grey netting on some deer fencing on Wood Knoll with Ross netting - used grey stuff on South Leucothoe - Wes brought up wood - set up fire in livingroom.  Alex - Helen and Arlene Ross here about 3:45 for a visit. 

1985 - Monday - 28° at 7 AM - Flurries - about 4" of snow - more like 6" when we went out to shovel - did driveway & started over to town but roads so bad and so many cars spinning we returned home.  Didn't get to church to help arrange poinsettias as plow didn't come until noon.  We then went to Brunetti for Christmas Ham. - Pinchbeck for Cyclamen for Ruth which we delivered enroute home - Also left gift for Sattlers (Norfolk Lavender soap) bought bird food & groceries at Stop & Shop - to Caldor for four C.D. records (discs) - found Dickens "Black House" in paperback at Books Plus - home to put everything away - have a cocktail and dinner. 

1986 - Tuesday - 27° at 6 AM. Dark - became a fair beautiful winter day - about 42° was high - 70° in Solar at noon.  To Mass.  To Brunetti to pick up butterflied half rack of lamb - Grand Union for small apples to put on cone - Youngs but no salt hay - Caldor to get address of Texas Instruments - need booklet for Electronic Calculator - Stop & Shop.  Home for lunch - put cone together - Made table arrangements of greens - did work wash - Wes put first coast on shop lavatory ceiling. 

1987 - Wednesday - 35° at 5:50 AM - Dark - not a bad day - mostly sunny - clouds at noon - afternoon temperature 42°. 
To Mass.  Wes to Airport Bank to advise Mobil had given us $60 credit for incorrect reading of his check.  To Helga's to pick up taupe skirt - Caldor for Timex watch for Wes - Stop & Shop, Cleaners - gasoline at Mobil - picked up beef at Brunetti - Reclamation - home to take a 2 mile walk - lunch - nap - I made pie dough - cranberry muffins - Wes moved wire from upper gate - fed birds.

December 24

1983 - Saturday - 22° at 7 AM.  Slept in.  Light snow - about 4" on the ground - not the sprinkles forecast.  It was light and easy to shovel & rake - cleared walk and driveway - flurries continued in morning and temperature dropped all day.  Delivered package to Sattlers - Wes brought in wood - fixed the suet feeder to one hook so don't need a ladder to refill it - I cooked for tomorrow - mince pie - sauces for fresh pork - washed hair - decorated a little more of house.

1984 - Monday - 29° at 6:45.  Fair - Sun 7:18-4:33.  Good winter day.  To Marcus - bank - delivered jams to Sattlers - saw Mark who had just returned from leaving a present in our mailbox -
After lunch we went outdoors - Wes used gas saw - cut small trees around Black Pine off road above mailbox - I cut up branches and carried them to the brush pile up along roadside.  No callers but Ellie [[?Kruperitz]] delivered a stollen.  We opened presents - Morrison's gave us a Perennial book (Artho) Wes could see his new clock!

1985 - Tuesday - 34° at 7 AM - Cloudy - Sun 7:20-4:31 - sun out before noon - good afternoon - high 50°.
Wes went for haircut and to bank - I cooked Harvard Beets - Cranberry/Walnut Salad - Christmas Pie.
We cleaned the livingroom - Christmas mats delivered by Altmans - poor quality - only 3 napkins - returned them via a trip to Backus Post Office - glad to have it there -
Opened presents in evening - Wes gave me Enamel Box - "Home is where the Heart is" - Holmdens gave us a rubber rake - Sattlers a plum pudding.  Played the CD in evening

1986 - Wednesday - 27° at 7 AM - Partly cloudy - rain expected.  Wes' stomach is upset - had a bad night - spent most of day on sofa - a little better at evening so we went to 7:30 PM Mass.  I put the second coat on the shop lavatory - rearranged plants - did the final decorating for Christmas - red candles etc - fed birds - washed car - hard to get it dry there is evidently so much wax on the finish.

1987 - Thursday - 29° at 6:45 - Beautiful sky.  Sun 7:17-4:32.  Partly sunny/cloudy - 42° in PM.
I made mince pie - wrapped a few presents - made decorations on brass candlesticks for table - put cloth on table and partly set it - we cleaned livingroom, kitchen & den - Took one walk at noon in beautiful weather.
To Punkie Scotts at 6:30 for Christmas Eve dinner.  Elizabeth Hull - Timpanellis and Howard & Rhoda Silverman
Pleasant evening - home at 10:50. 

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