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May 11 

1983 - Wednesday - 34° at 6AM - Cloudy - became mostly sunny but cold and windy. 
Took 7:24 train from Brewster - NYC at 9 AM - Saw Gail - Anne - Mr Long - to White Plains on 10:48 where Wes met me.  He had come thru Ridgefield to buy liquor.  To Sassafras where Ed Teelaw - Lou [[Stroebl]] - Vernon Schneider - Bob and Doris Dorsch - Mary and Ray Brady were our guests for luncheon - To Nobel's Nursery - bought 2 Tiarella cordifolia and couple for Rock Garden - home to plant them.  Grouse's log house delivered - lots of logs.  To 7:30 PM Mass

1984 - Friday - 45° at 6 AM - Sunny - breezy - high wind late afternoon.  Rose Breasted Grosbeak at feeder.  I dug plants from Helene Merrick's garden (helped Teri) and worked alone at Ada Franken's - taking plants to Ballard - home at 1 pm.  Hollandia planted Linden tree - left 2 Rhododendron, 3 Stokes Ilex - White Pine for us to plant.  Wes turned over compost - redid upper planting bed - started backfill of new wall.

1985 - Saturday - 62° at 5:30 - Up early - Keeler Tavern trip to Salem, Mass.  Fair, very warm day.
Left Keeler Tavern about 8:30 - 26 people - 4 hour drive to Salem, box lunch enroute.  Saw Essex Museum, Gardner-Pingree House - John Ward House - Pickering House (oldest continuously occupied by same family) Mrs Pickering showed us through - had toured Pierce-Nichols House (last occupant had left inventory?)  Hawthorne Inn - drink with Alex & Helen - dinner at Chase House.

1986 - Sunday - on Keeler Tavern Trip - Warrington Motor Lodge - Eileen with us - breakfast before 8:30
Mass at St. Joseph's Church, bus left at 10 o'clock for Bowman's Hill and Tower - Washington Crossing - McConkey's Inn and Park - Pennsbury Manor - beautiful setting on Delaware River - home of William Penn - restored - left for home at 4 pm - reached Tavern at 6:50 - home for drink and supper.

1987 - Monday - Beautiful day - over 70°.  Eileen had spent night with us.  She left after breakfast - and after we washed her car - to pick up dog at Lake Street Kennel - we put all plants outdoors - I cut grass - Wes brought soil to fill (cover) sand at new shrub border over deck - I cut grass - edged perennial bed - Wes transplanted 1 Pink Balloon Exbury from area above Pipes to spot above front walk outside bathroom window - Watered new grass on South Side, doing well.  Dug up one more Mayapple from Step Garden & put it with others along Bog walk.  Tired.  To Marcus for milk after dinner.

May 12

1983 - (Ascension) - Thursday - 35° at 6 AM - Clear - cool.
Packed - left at 8:15 for gasoline - to Garden-in-the-Woods, Framingham, Mass - walked trails - admired many beautiful plantings - bought a dozen plants - went to Sturbridge to inquire re visit in October.  Had late lunch at Public House - had only two suites - area very commercial - decided on ride home not to go there.  Also decided to come on home as originally planned to overnight at Longfellow's Wayside Inn.  Reached home at 6:30 - good day but glad to be home.  (300 miles total)

1984 - Saturday - 53° at 6:30 - Cloudy but a good working day - thunderstorm at 5:30.  Quarter inch rain Sun. AM.
Busy day - did wash - Wes backfilled behind new stone wall - southeast vegetable garden - I cleaned out compost bed for its corner where will plant zucchini - dug up three Christmas ferns for the deck corner.  Wes started on spreading the pine bark mulch on Wood Knoll - looks great.
I cut grass just before storm.  Transplanted baby lettuce.  Wes moved dogwood from Wood Knoll to path to Wood pile.

1985 - Saturday - In Salem, Mass. - Hawthorne Inn - Keeler Tavern Trip - early breakfast - 8:30 Mass at Immaculate Conception Church - visited National Maritime Site at Derby Wharf - Custom House - House of Seven Gables and Hawthorne's Birthplace - Brunch at Hawthorne Inn - toured Peabody Museum - beautiful ship models - China trade articles - left at 3:30 - reached Tavern at 7 o'clock - Home at 7:30 - drink and soup - bed - good trip. 
Very dry here - had light shower in Salem and cold breeze.

1986 - Monday.  Cool morning - beautiful day - need rain - Eileen here for breakfast - left before 8 o'clock to pick up Boo at Craighead - she was fine.  [[strikethrough]] Wes [[/strikethrough]] Chimney man here to clean den fireplace and chimney and oil burner chimney.  We went on Wildflower Walk at Ruth Sunley's - home at 12:30 for lunch - nap.  Wes chipped more leaves.  I transplanted Cleome and Echeveria - split up strawberries for Garden Mart and our garden - watering what I could - very dry.  Tired - to bed at 1 pm - Still have loads of papers to read.

1987 - Tuesday - 60° at 6 AM - Hazy, became mostly beautiful day - some drops of rain mid-afternoon but then cleared - too bad as after last hot weather of last few days would like it for transplants.  Wes has a sore throat but he put leaf chips on triangle off deck & worked on area behind shed.  I worked at Ballard Garden with ladies, shopping for groceries enroute home.  Lunch & nap.  We transplanted Leucothoe opposite Pipes - moved Iris and Hosta = More black flies than we've ever experienced.  McFarlane's testimony on Iran Contra deal very boring!
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