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June 24 

1983 - Friday - at Tarrytown.  Wes in Presbyterian.  Warm sunny day.  I left at 6:45 after breakfast for Ridgefield.  Gizela brought over mail - asked about Wes as Tibor is facing prostate operation.  I watered gardens - very dry - tomatoes growing high.  Left at 1:30 for hospital, there at three.  Wes still has bladder spasms - very painful.  I returned to Bogus at 6:45 - stopped at Marcus and bought gas.  Phoned Eileen and Bit.  To bed at 10. 

1984 - Sunday - 63˚ at 6 AM.  Sun came up red and then disappeared in clouds - showers predicted - did come - sprinkle before lunch - stopped - rain at 5 pm. 
To 8 o'clock Mass.  I polished brass.  Wes moved big stone in north grass hole - used cribbing to raise it - planks and rollers to move it to roadside to join others.  I helped.  I finished digging grass from cliff ledge - fed and watered plants - new bean rows coming up.  Wes graded north grass where stone was - included linden tree.

1985 - Monday - 68° at 7 AM - Slept until 6:40 - caught the mouse getting into the cutlery drawer.  Gloomy morning - worked near East Steps area - I moved several plants along steps - Wes dug stumps and stones from foot of big rock off path to shed - moved trillium scraped from part of rock.  Thunderstorm at noon - heavy downpour and hail - 1.20 inches.  After lunch & nap to bank safe deposit box, took GM Class E 2 shares for redemption - Marcus - Pharmacy for information for Blue Cross - Waldbaums
To Ruth Sharp's at 5:30 - Martha Crewe there.

1986 - Tuesday - 58° at 6:15 - Partly cloudy - No Mass as Father on vacation.  Moved ferns crowding Azaleas on South walk - believe they are Lady Ferns.  
I cut north grass just before a short thunderstorm - about quarter inch.  Early lunch and long nap.  I went to Garden Club meeting - won first for Herb Planter Box - HM for Dwarf Aster - Home at 5 pm.  Wes had weeded and cultivated front shrub bed.  Another storm at 4:30 - only .10 but welcome

1987 - Wednesday - 54° at 6 AM - Sun coming up.  Cool night.  Beautiful day.  To Mass.
To Oliver's - bought a few plants - enjoyed seeing the lovely houses in the area - gasoline - picked up old family print at Brownsville - shopped Ancona's picked up cake at Taste of Paris (Varga's coming to dinner tomorrow), planted the Lamium White Nancy - Epimedium and Santolina bought at Olivers - cut grass - enjoyed cocktail in Garden Room.  Early to bed.

June 25

1983 - Saturday - 60° at 6 AM.  Beautiful morning.  Wes in Presbyterian - I spent morning in Ridgefield.  Watered as much as I could - everything very dry.  Left at 1:30 for Presbyterian - there at three - Wes had had a good morning but bladder spasms started again and he had a lot of pain.  I left after six for Eileen's - traffic not bad.  Eileen had fixed dinner and we walked Boo to Vera's house.

1984 - Monday - 62° at 6 AM.  Foggy.  Wet.  1.25 inch at 6:30 - drizzling still - cleared to a beautiful day - good to see everything so refreshed.
I took Gizella shopping - her car in shop - to Stop & Shop - Liquor - Cheese Shop - Bank - Brunetti - home to cook chicken for tomorrow's salad, make cake.  Wes started continuation of rock wall in Bog - used up all the stones he had.  I cut grass, deadheaded - staked.  Place looked lovely in beautiful sunset.

1985 - Tuesday - 46° at 6 AM - Clear - cool.  To Mass.  
Staked Aruncus and Allium knocked down by yesterday's storm.  Dug up Basil Green bouquet and cut Spirea Anthony Waterer to take to Garden Club meeting - won first for both.  Took Helen, Anne Tracy, Patty Sticknoth and Chris Clark to lunch at Inn - on to meeting at Vera Neligan's.
Wes had graded between big stones off path to shed and built a stone wall on south side of shed - makes a foundation for the shed.  Wes cut grass

1986 - Wednesday.  52° at 615 - Beautiful - cool day - 
Wes took car to Honda for oil change and repair of temperature gauge.  I made Tavern cookies and coffee cake.  Moved some impatiens around - putting more pink in garden room - staked - planted the Herbs from the terrace container (window box), taken yesterday to Garden Club, back into garden.  To Blue Jay Orchard to pick strawberries - small ones this year but sweet - ordered top soil for delivery Friday.  Wes cleared space along upper road

1987 - Thursday - 59° at 6 AM.  Fair - very hot & humid most of day - then strong breeze & much cooler in late afternoon - somebody had a storm.
Wes worked on saw - went for new spark plug - couldn't get it to work.  I clipped grass on walk to garden room - swept all that area clean.  To Louise McKeon's to pick up two wooden wine boxes to use in propagating.  Prepared dinner for Vargas - here at 5:30.  Alex & Wes picked up 35 light-foot posts from Young's in Alex' Jeep - for deer fencing.
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