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June 26

1983 - Sunday - G at Tarrytown with Eileen 
Went to 7:30 Mass - walked Boo - drove to Flower Time - Eileen bought hedge trimmer - used it - Had lunch - I left at 2:15 for Presbyterian - Wes a little better - getting up to urinate - not all going thru catheter - bladder spasms much better - had bad night Saturday.  I left for Ridgefield after six - everything very dry up here - did a little watering - house very cool - hot day.

1984 - Tuesday, 56° at 6AM - Fair - beautiful cool day.  Worked hard getting ready for luncheon before Garden Club meeting - Helen - Mary Luke - Punkie Scott - Anne Tracy - Jeanne Timpanelli - here 11:45.  Wes helped by cleaning den & kitchen etc.  He took the men to luncheon at Le Chateau.  I was given GCA Horticulture Award at the meeting at Vera Neligan's.  Home at 4:30 to walk around - clean up the dishes

1985 - Wednesday - 51° at 6:30 - Cloudy - cleared but cold - needed sweater - rain after dinner.  
To Carpets, Etc. to pick up bound rug for shop only to find man not there and book keeper couldn't locate it - on to Ridgefield Liquor Store and Stop & Shop - picked up Rosemary from Anne Tracy - a gift - home for lunch - Jane Lally came to see our garden - gave her Oenothera Mexicala Rosea and Corydalus lutea - Wes edged shade garden - shrub border rear of shade garden - I weeded Wall Garden 

1986 - Thursday - 48° at 6AM - Cold night - cloudy.
No Mass as Father on vacation.  Wes came with me to Ballard Garden - he edged - four ladies came - worked until 11:30 then bank - reclamation - home for lunch & nap.  Watered perennial garden and potted plants.  Wes picked up trip photos at Sturdevants.  I shopped Waldbaum's.  Weeded step garden - moved Impatiens.  After morning cloudiness and cold became a beautiful day.

1987 - Friday - 60° at 6 AM - Partly cloudy - sprinkles in afternoon.
Moved Siberian Iris from Perennial bed - broke it into 4 parts, planted below wall and near Bog Garden - planted Thalictrum in its place - planted White Platycodon & Louise McKeon's Delphiniums.  To Tarrywick House in Danbury - decorator showcase - some interesting things.  Wes started on deer fencing along road at South Side and into Bog Garden.  I deadheaded the Bakerii Azaleas.

June 27

1983 - Monday - G had spent night at Ridgefield - Wes in Presbyterian.  I watered as much as I had time for.  Helen came with book - George Burns' - for Wes.  Went to bank and gassed car - left at 1:30 for hospital - there before three - Wes much better - catheter was removed at 7 AM - drinking fluids and measuring outflow - irritation in bladder but no pain - I left at 6 pm for Eileen's - very hot day NYC had 95° - no rain in Tarrytown.

1984 - Wednesday - 53° at 6 AM - Fair, beautiful day.  
Played golf 8-10 (with Paul).  Saw a Killdeer on 2nd Hole Pond.  Home for shower - picked up Helen and Alex at 11 and drove Route 6 to Fahnstock Park - looked over picnic area - on to Cold Spring - lunch at River Bank Restaurant - to Boscobel for tour of house - walked around beautiful grounds - home via Bear Mountain Parkway.  Stopped at a viewpoint to admire view and Mockingbird - home at 5 pm.  Cool on deck

1985 - Thursday - 54° at 6 AM.  Rain gauge .04 at 7:30.  Cloudy day - showers off and on.  Another .04 in p.m.
To Mass.  I worked at Ballard Garden in the morning - going into Greenhouse during shower - shopped Stop & Shop and picked up 7/10 bus tickets at Community Center, enroute home.  Wes had trimmed trees in bog.  Pinchbeck delivered 10 bags of chips which Wes spread on Garden Room edges after lunch.  I planted the small-leaved Environmental rhododendron for next years Zone II meeting.
Picked up small rug for shop from Carpets Etc.

1986 - Friday - 60° at 6:30 - Fair - hot & muggy.  I went for gasoline - Brunetti for meat - cleaner - wine merchant - Stop & Shop - Sprayed the roses in Ballard Park - Wes waited for delivery of topsoil from Bethel Pond & Stone - 9 yards - dropped in new storage place up the road.  After lunch I made a lamb & rice casserole for next weekend - Wes raked the path over the cliff.  I edged shade garden - pulled weeds - deadheaded Salvia - Wes brought wheelbarrow of leaf chips & we dressed perennial garden & put some in plot near Kitchen deck steps.

1987 - Saturday - 62° at 7:30.  Rain - heavy at times in night - 7/10th inch at 8 AM.  Another quarter rest of day.
Caught up on indoor chores.  I made plum tart for tomorrow and Tavern Bars for Monday's Keeler Tavern Potluck Supper.  Outdoors after lunch - Wes continued putting in stakes and wire against deer in Bog - I deadheaded.  Rosses came by with granddaughter Robin - had to quit at 4:45 as mist was heavy.
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