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January 18

1988 - Monday - Martin Luther King Celebration. 
Raining. Sun 7:18 - 4:56. Wont see it today Foggy, and cloudy - rain stopped early in day - but not a walking day.

Wes in shop - We finished Sunday's crossword and todays. I knitted. To "Broadcast News" at Commerce Park at 2 pm - fast moving show. O'Neill's "Strange Interlude" on Channel 13 - Glenda Jackson.

1989 - Wednesday - 29° at 7 AM - Fair - Good to sleep in
Sun 7:17 - 4:56. Good winter day - over 40°. mostly sunny, Hobbies - I vacuumed - sewed - took over 2 mile walk before lunch. Wes moved more logs to roadside from dell - decided must call that area "dell". I sewed blue dress and knitted.

1990 - Thursday - 52° at 6AM! Re 1984, December of 89 was coldest on record. Sun 717 - 456 Beautiful day after a rainy looking morning. To 63° in afternoon 
To Mass. I had a haircut (Mary) at Fair Hair Design - Mall - while Wes cashed a check at bank. We went to new Super Stop & Shop - Mill Plain Rd., big & beautiful. Home for lunch & nap - out to put web around evergreen outside fence at entrance - badly eaten by deer - at least not inside as Gizella says they have - Wes balanced check book - I cooked dinner - 

1991 - Friday - 34° at 6 AM - Sun 7:17 - 4:56.
Part clouds - Part Sun. Snow showers early morning.
To Mass. House chores and hobbies. Listened frequently to Gulf War News - Israelis have not yet retaliated against Iraq account missile attack.
Muriel Pedersen brought over one of her Geranium "Scarlet Eye" (-Preview of Spring show) for us to mind while she goes to Antartica

1992 - Saturday - 22° at 7:15. Clear Sun 716 - 457 big jump at night. Off and on cloudy/sunny - some snow flurries and a high cold wind. Temperatures fell to 12° at night. Cleaned living room - set table - Made preparations for luncheon tomorrow. Made apricot dessert
To S & S to pick up bananas and cream - jammed. Could hardly find a parking space. To 5:30 Mass

January 19

1988 - Tuesday - 36° at 6:45 - Fair - Beautiful morning - cloudy in afternoon. Quite mild in sun.

Did house chores - Wes put cover on livingroom fireplace - moved the tube birdfeeder a foot further from the tree to try to foil the squirrel. To the top f Ned Mountain Road before lunch. To bank - as learned we had deposited tear off part of Kemper check Friday! Luckily found check in file. "Strange Interlude" on 13, part 2

1989. Thursday - 38° at 6 AM - Dark - Sun 716 - 458 
Off and on sun and clouds - wonderful temperatures we are enjoying. To Mass. Wes in shop. I threw away the cactus plants frozen on the Solar in December. Put Zone II rosebush in Solar - growing well. Did some sewing. Took our walk to Henley's. Finished cross-word - hard.

1990 - Friday - 34° at 6 AM. Sun 716 457. Cold & gloomy
To Mass. Shop work for Wes - I sewed blue dress.
Took a two-mile walk before lunch & nap. Picked up bridge chairs from Helen Ross & took them to Tempanelli's for party tomorrow night - also took them 2 pots of paperwhites. Bought blue thread at Fabric Tree to finish dress hem.

1991 - Saturday - 30° at 7 AM. Fair Sun 716 - 457 Beautiful day - over 40° in afternoon - bright sky.
House chores - crossword - a little hobbying - took a mile walk before early lunch & went to the 12:45 show of "Green Card" - (Gerald Depardieu) at Commerce Park. Home at 3:15 - Wes' contac lens stuck so had to rest to bring it down - I washed my hair - showered - fixed dinner - Wes cooked lamb chop on grill - good - Jean phoned as they go to Pam's tomorrow for Julie's birthday.

1992 - Sunday. 10° at 7 AM. Clear. Sun 7:16 - 4:57 Sunny and cold - we are lucky for our party. Uncovered fireplace - Wes set a fire - I prepared lunch
Phoned sisters. Kelly coming to Carolyn's on the 29th
Gus coming up to Bit for a job interview in Williamsport. 
Guests here at 1 pm - Billie Newell and Jane Jessup, Jeanne and Al Tempanelli - Mary Luke & Millicent Sattler.
Enjoyable afternoon - they left at 4 pm We cleaned up and relaxed.  End of "Parnell and the Englishwoman" on Channel 13. 

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