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March 14

1988 - Monday - 35º at 7 AM - Snow! What a shock - about half inch - didn't have to shovel or rake as not on driveway and temperature was to melt it on solar roof and deck. Mostly cloudy - indoors except for bird feeding. Did wash - ironed - Knitted the back bottom edge of sweater - have to go in for instructions. Did crossword - Wes in shop
Did a lot of desk work. Wes made out checks for contributions - I wrote Historical Societies of Philadelphia and Rhode Island on Dec. 1, 1900 papers.

1989 - Tuesday - 29° at 6 AM - Cloudy. Sun 6:07 - 6:02. Beautiful day - up to 50's in afternoon. To Mass. Did crossword - waited for Eileen's call but called her at 10 AM & then we went down for the dogs - picked up a sandwich at the Deli - ate it at Eileen's - bought David's cookie dough enroute hospital, Eileen feeling better - no word on release. Home at 2:15 - nap - I walked dogs - Wes put up wire run outside garage for dogs. He had bumped his head on Eileen's mantel - a lot of blood - has a headache.

1990 - Wednesday - had overnighted at Days Inn Natick, Mass - free breakfast included in special room price of $39.00 plus tax- about $43.- good trip home - about 3 hrs including stop at Marcus for milk - Lunch - nap. House was warm even with door to livingroom open. Tuesday was 84° in NYC - record. I had a haircut - Wes to bank & Sears for light timer Wes washed car. By evening I had sore back. We were both very stiff after drive - we didn't stop to walk about.

1991 - Thursday - 36° at 6 AM - Starting to snow - for an hour or so - then stopped so we had our walk before lunch - mixture snow and rain off and on all afternoon. 
Went to Mass. Did crossword. To Stop & Shop for corn beef & cabbage - gasoline $1.42 gallon. 
I sewed wool challis shirt - put 3 Cardinal Flowers in deep black pots for GCA Annual meeting. Wes read Father Hesburgh's book. To confession service at 7:30 - luckily it wasn't snowing too heavily or sticking

1992 - Saturday - 20° at 6:30. Fair. Sun 6:09 - 6:02. Going to Opera day - Don Carlo. I left at 8:50 for Eileen's. From there Vera Jenna drove to the Metropolitan - luncheon at Grand Tier Restaurant - performance 1 to 5:30 - really grand opera - magnificent sets - Aprile Millo - Michael Silvester (Carlo) Vladmir Chernov (Rodrigo) Dolora Zayick (Ebole) Samuel Ramey. Home at 7:30 - not too Bad night driving - clear sky & stars out. Wes had spent day in shop - filling bird feeders - he made himself a scrambled egg sandwich. 

March 15

1988 - Tuesday - 29° at 7 AM and more snow - about 1 1/2 inches Cloudy. Sun 6:07 - 6:03. 
To Stop + Shop - to Needles to ask for help on knitting but not open - to Reclamation with newspapers - home - early lunch and nap as I had 1:30 meeting at Edith Meffley's on Horticulture for June Show - went to bank and for gasoline - stopped at needle, and spent hour and a half there on black vest - Home at 5:15. Wes had worked in shop.

1989 - Wednesday - 44° at 6:50 - cloudy. had some sprinkles overnight. Dogs slept quite well - so naturally did we. Bit called at 7 AM to inquire about Eileen (who had phoned her last night) & as to whether to come for Easter. 
Beautiful sunny day. Up to 60 in afternoon. Did a wash - walked the dogs. Wes in shop in morning. I mailed Metropolitan doctor forms - to bank. We worked outdoors - raking sticks & leaves from entrance - Wes cleaned up forsythia bed - deer had broken off branches there. Eileen may go home tomorrow. 

1990 - Thursday - 44° at 6 AM. Foggy. early then cleared to a warm (77°) beautiful day. To Mass, To Jeanne Cooke travel for more information on Seattle trip Worked at greenhouse until 12, brought home Snapdragon in big pot. Wes had laid out stakes for well house, We walked about in afternoon picking up sticks. bulbs coming up - hope we don't get more cold weather to kill emerging shoots

1991 - Friday - 34° at 6 AM. Snowing - about 2 inches Decided not to go to Mass. Sun (none today) 6:08 - 6:02 Snow stopped about 3 o'clock. Wes raked driveway - paths to birdfeeders - front walk. I redid the front walk later and cleared the deck - at least four inches. Wes read. I finished wool challis shirt except for buttonholes. Phoned Kelly in New Mexico - She is fine

1992 - Sunday - 22° at 6 Am Fair. Sun 6:07 - 6:03 Cloudy morning. sun in afternoon. Cold wind To 8 o'clock Mass. I cut out second white blouse - using another version of pattern. Martini before lunch - unfortunately not in Solar. Cooked corn beef and cabbage. Called on Mary Goode - they have house up for sale because can't afford to live here. Took a mile walk Worked on various crosswords. finished Saturday's.  
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