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Special Notice to the Parent or Guardian

A, B, C, and D are passing grades. A indicates highest honor grade; B indicates honor grade; C indicates average grade; D indicates lowest promotion grade; F indicates failing grade.

1. A report is given at the end of each six weeks.
2. An advisory mark of F implies failure at the end of the semester unless improvement occurs.
3. A check ([[image]]) given on the report for the first advisory period indicates that the pupil is doing passing work in the subject, but that no definite grade is given. 
4. Pupils who do not pursue the prescribed work of the school, or who are marked F, cannot be graduated until the prescribed work is satisfactorily completed.
5. Grades A and B only are college certification grades.
6. Pupils taking a full course should spend not less than two hours each day in home study.
7. Please sign and return this report promptly.

1. S.F. Blake
2. S.F. Blake