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[[strikethrough]] 56. [[/strikethrough]] 49

and watch them. And I have beautiful--I have very peculiar mind[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]]--and of course, this one I'm going to keep this to myself, because it wouldn't be-- I wouldn't wish the world to know what people would think things, would take them backwards. (Laughs)

(Unintelligible passage)

WOMAN'S VOICE:[[note]] Mrs. Kelly [[note]] ...and then when she take them out to the church, when they all got out to the church Sunday, they would--the people wouldn't want to believe that she made 'em. They wouldn't want to believe it, that she would make 'em. She didn't bother about payin' them their prices. She go buy the cloth and make 'em. And that's the way my mother would do. But I had to buy mine already made. How do you like that?

MRS STARR: That's the dream, is it?

MINNIE: I started that picture right there. I got to-- kept working around. It was a lost Indian.

(Unintelligible passage)

MRS STARR: Is anybody listening? [[note]] (to TV) [[/note]]

[[strikethrough]] MINNIE [[/strikethrough]] MRS KELLY: No, nobody ain't listening.

MRS STARR: If they aren't, it would be better--

MINNIE: No. You can cut it off. Cut it out now if you not listenin' any.

(Silent tape)

MRS STARR: Sing it in there.

CHILD'S VOICE: (Singing) Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. For Bible tells me so.

MRS STARR: Good. Now would you like to hear it?
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