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Jyee [?] [[strikethrough]] WII [[/strikethrough] WI
Interview by Celestina Ware aYW.B.A.I.
1. childhood dreamer +

C.W. Can you tell me about your childhood?

M.E. Well my childhood is very very x interesting. I was a great dreamer all of my life. I never slept at times without dreaming. I had all kind of peculiar dreams and those dreams kept me tired. When I go to school I couldn't stay awoke. I go to sleep. My teacher was asking me Minnie why do you sleep so much? I told her because I don't sleep at night/but I couldn't make my mothers, my parents understand why, [[crossed out/]] why [[/crossed out]] [[margin note/]] are you asleep? [[/margin note]] you didn't sleep? Why all that snoring and things you  have done but those dreams kept me tormented.

C.W. What kinds of dreams did you have?

M.E. I had dreams of all [[crossed out/]] the [[/crossed out]] old prophets. As soon as I would close my eyes they would catch me and carry me out, up and down the street. I have woke up out at the National Cemetry more times than I can remember.

C.W. Do you mean you sleep walked or that you dreamed?

M.E. Sleep [[symbol]] and in [[crossed out/]] there [[/crossed out]] xxxxxx my sleep these dreams these old people would take me and they would carry me up and down the streetsand out splitted and MarketStreet, the National Cemetry they would carry me out there and that's where I would wake up. Out in the cemetries.

C.W. Were you frightened? When you had those dreams? Were your frightened? when no one understood?
[[crossed out/]] M.E. [[/crossed out]]xxxx
M.E. No one understood, I couldn't make my parents. I couldn't tell them of [[margin note/]] about [[/margin note]] those things especially my mother. She didn't have time to listen but my grandmother would.

2. Education
C.W. How many other children were there?

M.E. There was no one but me. I am my mother's only child. My mother is her mother's only child.

C.W. I see. How far did you go in school?

M.E. Oh, I was promoted to the 6th grade. One thing about it I had to repeat my fourth grade (C.W. I see) because I didn't well what it was I didn't get my arithmetic. I'd get all other lessons but those Yeah.

C.W. What subjects did they teach you in the 6th grade?

M.E. The only subjects that studied me was history and I use to love to study about the Greeks (C.W. yes) and all of those kind[[crossed out/]]s [[/crossed out]] of things and the Trojans (C.W. yes, right) and going through all of [[crossed out/]] them [[/crossed out]] that That's all I studied[[crossed out/]]that [[/crossed out]] all I loved. (C.W. You loved history?) The kind of history [[crossed out/]] rest of the subjects I wouldn't even study it [[/crossed out]] I would really study it.

3. family Background
C.W. When did your family originally come to America?

M.E. Oh, my family

C.W. yes, wa y, way back

M.E. Yes wa y back. My that was from my great grandmother was a little
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