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Washington D.C.
April 1" 1868

2" Vol No. 1597, O. L. S. D. C. 1868

Clark S. N.
A. A. I. Genl. west
A. A. A. Genl.

Asst. Commr. desires to know of Mrs. Griffing, whether the services of Louisa Davis and Mary Wood are longer necessary

States that the imperative necessity of reducing expenses will require their discharge, unless for some reason not now apparent it shall be found necessary to retain them.

Immediate reply requested


RECEIVED APR 1 1868 O. L. S. D. C.

Office Local Supt. D.C.
Washington Apr 1" 1868.

Respy Transmitted

J. C. Abeel.
Act Loc Supt. D. C.

In absence of the Local Supt.

Office 394 N. Cap. Street
Wash. Apl. 2nd 1868

Respectfully returned (thro O. L. S. D. C.) to S. N. Clark A. A. A. Genl. with the information that the services of Louisa Davis will be required thro. the present month, to finish the work, and close the affairs of said school, &c.

The services of Mary Wood may be dispensed with at once.

Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servt.,
J. S. Griffing
[[?]] [[?]] [[?]] 

E. B. Vol. 1. 1868

Office Local Supt.D.C.
Washington Apr 2" 1868.

Respy returned - attention invited to endorsement of
Mrs. J. S. Griffing. Agt. hereon.

J V W Vandenburgh
Local Supt. D. C.

E B 2" Vol 205. O. L. S. D. C.

Respectfully returned to the Local Supt. D.C. who will discharge Mary Wood to take effect the 5th inst.,
and Louisa Davis to take effect the 30th inst.

By order of Asst Commr
S. N. Clark
A. A. A. Genl.

E. B. Vol. 4 #989 3

Hd Qrs A. C. D. C. April 2, 1868. }

Received Back Apr 2 1868 O. L.S. D. C. 

Transcription Notes:
Edited: These people are Generals, army people, removed reference to stamps & columns not required, corrected names, filled in blanks, Bureau Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, "Mary Wood" might be "Mary Hood." Hard to say for sure.