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162 The Crisis Advertiser

Stenography  Typewriting  Book-keeping

The Stenographers' Institute
1. Short Courses in Typewriting
2. Shorthand made as easy as A.B.C.
3. Brief Courses in Practical Book-keeping

We typewrite Letters, Postal Cards, Wills; fill in Deeds and multigraph Circular Letters cheap.


SHORTHAND - The standard system easily mastered by our method. You write business letters the sixth lesson. Complete course of 20 lessons. Pay for each group when you are ready for them. Send $3.00 TODAY for enrollment and first lessons. Get started NOW. Particulars free. 

4277 Cote Brilliante, St. Louis, Mo.

French Dressmaking, Ladies' Tailoring and Millinery.

Bridges System.

Special Courses in Designing, Copying, Draping, Making, Trimming, Finishing, Cutting and Fitting. 
Special reduction in tuition given to students entering in groups of three or more or to one student taking two or more consecutive courses.
Individual Instruction. A Bridges Diploma means something to you.
448 E. 35th St.     Chicago, Ill. 

of Garment Cutting, Fitting, Designing, Draping, Embroidery, Hand Decoration of Garments, Dressmaking and Ladies' Tailoring.
Terms reasonable. Write for Catalog.

The Editor, January 5th.
They brought him down from the operating table at 1:30. It was a serious operation, the second he had undergone in two weeks. At four I saw him sleeping in the ward, ether still hiding from him the sick sorrow that awakening might mean. "He is unconscious, and we cannot tell yet," said the nurse, "but he seems to have stood the operation pretty well."
     So I walked out of the hospital, thinking of all that it would mean for twelve million people if this champion of theirs were not permitted to live. Others would take up the gauge where he threw it down; others might wield brilliant pens; others would speak with something of his quiet eloquence. But never again could these millions find another leader exactly like him. 
     I said to myself then, and I say it to you now: "what the colored people need most of all is not money, or land, or political power, or patronizing friends, but unpurchasable leaders-leaders who would not sell their souls for the good will of their neighbors or for big buildings, any more than they would for a dollar or a job."
                   J. E. SPINGARN.

ABOVE the Hill where St. John's Divine Cathedral raises its bald and mighty arch, hang the Curtains of Pain, grey and purplish as they sweep the Hill, but glowing above with rare and tender radiance save where the massive shadow falls athwart-the shadow from the Valley of the Shadow.
     There is moaning here and writhing and now and then a cry, and yet less, infinitely less, than one expects. There is silence and deep-pulsing stillness-all that and more. But above all there sits a mighty Brotherhood. We are all initiated into the Secret of Life beneath the flowing grace of the Curtains of Pain. All little distinctions flee; there is no Race; there is no Age; there is but one language. There is a certain softness of speech-we lift up gladly helping hands and offer every kindness of the softened word and touch of sympathy-while through the great window pours the winter's warm sun and the light music of the world comes faintly down in song. 
    It is a very beautiful place. I am glad I am here.
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