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116     THE CRISIS

Continental Motor Works of Detroit, Michigan, went out on strike.  They were discharged and colored men were put in their places.

Fifty-five colored Americans replaced aliens who were employed in building the State highway near San Juan, California.  The aliens were discharged because of protests from the labor unions.

Mrs. Maude G. Hall of the Pictorial Review staff, New York City, has secured work from the embroidery department of the magazine for several expert colored embroiderers and filet lace makers.

The Ashley and Bailey Silk Company of Paterson, New Jersey, employs over four hundred colored boys and girls in its mill in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The Colored Wage Earners' Bank of Savannah, Georgia, erected a $40,000 building last year and will make $7,000 worth of improvements this year.  It has a paid-up capital of $49,000 and total resources of $315,808.

President Wilson and his fiancée recently dined at Hill Top House near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. This house is owned and conducted by Thomas F. Lovett, a colored man.

Sheperdsville, near Selma, Alabama, is owned by a colored fraternal organization.  They hold 3,100 acres of land, have three mills, fifty-three tenants and received last year $1,907 in rents.


James Milton Turner, former United States Minister to Liberia, died in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where he had gone on business.

Chaplain Carter, of the Tenth Cavalry, has been transferred to the Ninth Cavalry, and will accompany that regiment to the Philippine Islands.  Chaplain G.W. Prioleau, of the Ninth, has been transferred to the Tenth Cavalry.

Mary M. Randolph, a fifteen year old colored girl of Los Angeles, California, devoted one hour a week of her last summer's vacation to telling stories to thirty-one little children near her home.

Mrs. Ida A. Walker, President of the Missouri Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, was one of the speakers at the State Conference for Social Welfare held in Marshall, Missouri.

Funeral services for Jack Dickerson, janitor for twenty years of Trinity College, Durham, North Carolina, were held in the college chapel.  Two instructors and four students of this white school acted as pall bearers.

Dr. Mattie V.S. Lee, of Washington, D.C., who died lately in Asheville, North Carolina, had quite an extensive practice in the capital city.

Judge Robert H. Terrell of Washington, D.C., is making a lecture tour through Texas under the auspices of the Colored Women's Progressive Club.

Governor Willis of Ohio has appointed Thomas A. Goode of Columbus to the position of assistant Fire Marshall in that state.

Miss Anna Thankful Ballantine, long matron of the girls at Fisk University, is dead.

Wilbur E. King has been appointed supervisor of the "loan shark" bureau of the state banking department of Ohio.  The salary is $2,500.


In South Africa the colored vote was cast almost unanimously for the Unionists Party which elected forty members as against twenty-seven Nationalists and fifty-four followers of General Botha. This greatly encourages the colored people as the Nationalists are the Negro haters.

The "Herald," a newspaper in the interests of the colored people of the Island, has been started in Christiansted, St. Croix, Danish West Indies.  D. Hamilton Jackson is the editor.

The new Haitian treaty, which extends United States control not only over financial but also over civil affairs and which contains no guarantee of the territorial or political integrity of the Island, is now ready to be laid before the United States Senate.


Further report concerning the Louisiana Republican Convention says that after assuring the colored delegates that the Republican party would


[[caption]] Copyright by Underwood and Underwood, N.Y. Admiral Caperton Sudre D'Artiguenave The southern white usurper in Haiti and the helpless colored President. [[/caption]]

put no candidate in the field, the white men went to a hotel to which Negroes are not admitted, and organized a committee to serve for four years.

The law of Arizona separates its colored and white school children.  The colored schools are inferior in every respect.

Ministers and other responsible citizens of Atlanta, Georgia, held a meeting to discuss ways and means to stop further encroachment of Negroes into white neighborhods.  They decided the boundaries beyond which colored people may not go, and voted to hold a conference with prominent colored men about the situation.

The superintendent of the white high school of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, refused to admit the son of Henry Young, because he was a colored child.

The City Council of Miami, Florida, has passed a law making a certain street the dividing line between white and colored neighborhoods.  A high wall or hedge will mark this line.  The colored section will be enclosed on three sides.  The Colored Board of Trade endorsed this measure.

Colored people of New York are protesting against the discrimination practised toward physicians of their race by the hospitals of the city.

I.S. Cousins sued the Clinchfield Lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of Erwin, Tennessee, for libel, because they charged he had Negro blood in his veins and persuaded the railroad officials on this account to give him a poor run.  He won his suit.

Sometime ago we noted the refusal of a white girls' club in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to confirm the election of a colored girl, Mary E. Patillo, as a member.  The battle against the colored girl was led by two Jewish girls and despite the opposition of the Board of Advisors Miss Patillo was excluded.  The Board of Advisors thereupon threatened to resign and last month Miss Patillo was "enthusiastically elected a member."

The colored people of Galena, Kansas, have gone into court in order to resist the imposition of a "Jim-Crow" school.


Officers shot and jailed A. Scott of Texas City, Texas, who they claim was carrying a revolver.  Scott later died in a hospital.

Troops had to be called out to stop an election fight at Charleston, South Carolina, in which ballots were thrown out, and one man killed.  All concerned were white.

Love Rudd, charged with robbery, was drowned by a mob at Clarksville, Missouri.

John Taylor, said to have fired at a sheriff, was hanged by a mob at Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Jerome Wilson, a Michigan colored man, committed suicide because he feared mob violence and an unfair judge.

Ellis Buckner was lynched at Henderson, Kentucky.  He was accused of attacking a white woman.
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