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The new efficiency era calls for the modern way of selecting teachers, through a live agency that furnishes the connecting medium in a business way, saves time of school officials, relieves teachers of the embarrassment of job hunting and covers the whole country.
     We have had calls for teachers from Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. 
Our list of teachers covers even a wider territory.
1335 T Street, N. W.     Washington, D. C. 

Only $65.00 [[image]] No. 24 Southern Buggy 
Highest Grade
A Value Unequaled. Sold on $1.00 Profit Margin
Factory to User
Write for prices and other styles. Send for catalog
Greenfield, Ohio
Largest Negro Carriage concern in the United States.

Start a Mail Order Business and Make Money
   You can operate in your own home during spare time. The parcel post has opened up the doors of opportunity to YOU. Others are making $20 to $500 a week. Why can't you? By our method you can start with $5 and up. We offer you thirty live, money-making mail order plans. You can make 95 cents profit of every dollar order. We furnish circulars, printed matter and place your advertising at lowest rates. Send 10 cents for complete outfit. Do it today — Now!
517 Dearborn Street                               Chicago, IIL
     Colored agents wanted to take orders for our high grade calling cards. Big demand everywhere. Exclusive territory.  Write now for samples and terms.
THE HOUSE OF CHOWNING, Indianapolis, Ind.

Wear Next Season's Style Now
Will You Introduce These Styles For Us, If You Get 
Your Suit 
Here we go again, breaking all records, for new, nobby, ahead-of-the-time styles. Be the first in your town to wear a suit that is ahead of the time. Earn it while you wear it; we send the suit complete; you can make big money too; there is
$50 to $100 a Week
in it for you. Drop us a postal for our advance book, select the styles you want and the cloth; let us prove how you can get 
Your Suit FREE
Don't wait. Don't delay. Write right away. A postal will do. We send everything the day your request is received. We pay express on everything. Get busy. Simply send us a postal with your name and address on it.
Paragon Tailoring Co.
Dept. 451 CHICAGO

An art every woman should cultivate to retain the transparent, velvety complexion of youth. There's no secret or mystery about it, just use
for cleansing and massage
for a beautiful complexion. Rejuvenating Cream, 20 cent jars. DeLuxe Powder, white, pink, or high brown, 50 cent boxes.
As a profession Beauty Culture offers a dignified and lucrative employment for young women. Most completely appointed Beauty Culture Parlors and School in the east. All branches taught. Special terms for a limited time.

Factory TO Home
of selling direct from factory to home. I can save you from $110 to $200 on my celebrated Evans Artist Model Pianos.
Two to Four Years to Pay
The easiest kind of terms, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments to suit your convenience.
All middlemen, jobbers, dealers and agents profits cut out. No charge for salesroom expense for my office is in my factory. These are some of the reasons why I can sell the Evans Artist Model Pianos for such little money. Let me send you the other reasons. Write today.
30 Days Free Trial
We allow all freight charges, let you use the beautiful Evans Artist Model Piano for thirty days free. If you are not entirely satisfied, we will take it back without any cost to you - you are the sole judge to decide. If you want to keep it, you may do so on our low factory wholesale price on most convenient terms.
Free Music Lessons
we will give a two years course of piano instruction free. Ask about our insurance plan and our method of saving your money. Write today. F. O. Evans Piano Co. Dept. 81 Chicago
F. O. Evans Piano, Co., Dept. 81 Chicago, Illinois
Please send me your wholesale price list and catalogue of the Evans Artist Model Pianos.

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YOU Can Play 
Piano First Day
New Plan Makes Teachers, Lessons or Study Needless - New Music Read Easily as a Newspaper, Being Written in Plain English Letters (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C).
Sent Free to Prove It.
Just Send Address for Complete System and 100 Music Pieces, All Charges Prepaid.
"What Do You Think of That! Never Played Before and Now Just Hear Her!"
Anyone can now play the piano or organ with the fingers of both hands. Not after months of study and practice and expensive lessons, but RIGHT AWAY - almost as soon as you get the Easy Method Music System.
John H. Ferguson, Acme, Alta., Canada, says: "I was not a little amazed when I found I could play in a few minutes." C. Pitmann, Meno, Okla., says: "I have two children, one is 12 and the other 10, who in a very few minutes could play it well, and they did not know one note from another in the old music." V. R. Perkins, Romney, Ind., says: "I studied 'Easy Form' music fifteen minutes and then started to play." Thousands of similar reports are in our files. Doesn't this convince you that you can play by this wonderful, new method?
Prove it for yourself. Send for complete system and full instructions. Try it in your own home for seven days, FREE. If you want to keep it, then send us $1.50 down, and $1.00 per month for five months. If not satisfactory, simply return it to us and owe nothing. Isn't that fair? When writing, state how many white keys on your piano or organ, and whether you play old-style note music.
Send today! The quicker you get this, the sooner you can entertain your family and friends with your playing, so send now. Address: Easy Method Music Co., 790 Clarkson Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
See pages 324, 325 and 327

Opens July 1
Closes Sept. 15
The Ocean House
Better known as
The Gordon Sea View, SEA ISLE CITY N. J. 
Personally managed by Mrs. Lucy Lee. This is the only property we own on the Atlantic Beach front. Every room opens on the ocean. Bathing, boating, fishing, music, dancing. A beautiful view of the ocean while dining from our new conservatory dining room.
Special rates to school teachers for July.
Write for rates. Address:
MRS. LUCY LEE, 5 Plain St., Elmhurst, N. Y.
After July 1st, The Ocean House, Sea Isle, N. J.
Let Us Show You How to Get Your 
[IMAGE] Next Suit
Made to Your Measure
Do you want this swell suit? Want it for nothing? Without a penny's cost? $30 to $40 would not buy a better one. Simply wear it, tell your friends where you got it - and
Make $10 to $15 a Day
taking their orders. It is dead easy. You never saw a nobbier suit or a more stunning pattern, cut in strictly Tango style (3 months ahead of the times.) Your choice of 60 patterns and a dozen styles to choose from. Drop us a postal card for heavy pattern book, inside information about styles, self-measuring blanks, etc., etc. DON'T WAIT. Everything FREE.
Suit Delivered FREE
Get ahead of other fellows - Write this minute. Postal will do it.
America Woolen Mills Co.
Dept. 451 Chicago
Hand Tailored - Classy Linings - Millionaire Trimmings - Swell Cut - Guaranteed Fit.

To Every Woman
I want every girl and woman to have this daintiest, handiest little Good-Luck Vanity Case I ever carried. I will send you one FREE. Thin, flat, smooth, round. With mirror, puff and adjustable powder compartment. Finished in black or any color you name. Fits purse, hand-bag, corsage or stocking. You'll like it. And you'll like my Special long-lasting Complexion Powder as 11,000 others do. It is exquisitely fine - absolutely pure. State whether white, pink, flesh or brunette powder is wanted. If now using my powder you'll soon want some more, so order at once. Send 50c in coin or stamps and I will forward a large box of my Complexion Powder and send you the Vanity Case, FREE. Write today.
HELEN CLARE, Suite 24, 2637 Michigan Ave. Chicago

Boys and girls wanted to learn typewriting.
Typewriters free. For particular address
The Peerless Supply Co.
110 West 134th Street New York City
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