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252[[page]]      THE CRISIS ADVERTISER

The Value of Life Insurance 
To Colored People [[Title]]

 Is a text from which a little sermon could well be preached in every colored church in America. 

 There is scarcely a family whose members do not have some sort of Policy in some sort of Company or Society or Order. These are usually for just enough to give a decent burial. The funeral expenses take practically all the proceeds and there is nothing left to meet the obligations which face the widow after she returns from the funeral. The problem of rent, food, clothes, books and school expenses for the children are not theories. When the grocer's boy brings the package he wants the money; and when the landlord calls he wants the rent
        The man who carried $50 to $200 in a weekly benefit society or a secret society on the assessment plan earned enough and could easily have paid the premium on $1,000 to $5,000 in an old line legal reserve life insurance company whose rates are fixed and subject to no assessment, if he only had known. [[indented paragraph]]

 He could have made impossible the long hours of bending over a needle or the cook stove or the wash tub that came to his widow, if he had carried the necessary amount of life insurance. He could have assured his beautiful daughter the education she desired, the amusements she wanted, the clothes she craved--and which she got, somehow. He could have kept his boy in school and he would have grown up a credit to the memory of his father, a respected citizen of his community, and a successor to his father's business, instead of the wandered or menial or ne'er-do-well. He could have changed the destiny of every member of his. family! He had it in his power to make them bless his memory or bewail his shortsightedness! what a tremendous responsibility!

 Are you, reading this, preparing for the future of your family or are you leaving them to shift for themselves after you are gone? What will become of your son? Will he leave school and go to work prematurely? Will your daughter give up her training upon which she has just entered? Must your wife go out and hunt work to support herself and the younger children? Will you leave money enough to pay the balance due on the home you have been purchasing? Or will your wife lose the place?

        You can secure to those you love future independence, you can protect your obligations, you can save your business if, while you are alive, sound and well--and that is NOW--you secure the necessary amount of life insurance.[[indented paragraph]]

 You can secure this life insurance in a strong, well managed life insurance company which has met every requirement demanded of it, owned, organized and operated by our people, the only one of its kind in the world, at rates within your reach if you act to-day. No matter where you live we can Protect you. Tear off this coupon and mail it to-day to 

          200 Auburn Avenue, ATLANTA, GEORGIA
             Capital Fully Paid  -  -  $100,00.00
             Over One Million and a Quarter Insurance in Force
                Issues Policies from $250.00 to $5,000.00
                     HEMAN E. PERRY, President 
                     HARRY H. PAGE, Secretary

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send me
   Amount $......
   Sex ..........
   Age ..........
   Weight .......
   Address ......
     (C. Mar. 1915)

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          THE CRISIS ADVERTISER      253[[Page]]

$300 in 30 Days!

[[drawing of a woman in a folding bath tub]]

Made by one Robinson salesman. You--yourself can positively make $60 and expenses every week. I want men like you, hustling, energetic, ambitious fellows, anxious to make money, who are willing to work with me. Not for [["for" is italicized]] me, but with [["with" is italicized]] me. I want you to advertise, sell, and appoint local agents for the biggest, most sensational seller in 50 years--the ROBINSON FOLDING BATH TUB. Here's an absolutely new invention that has taken the entire country by storm. Nothing else like it. Gives every home a modern up-to-date bathroom in any part of the house. No plumbing, no waterworks needed. Folds in small roll, handy as an umbrella. Self-emptying and positively unleakable. Absolutely guaranteed for 5 years. Hustlers, east, north, west, south,--coining money. Orders, orders, everywhere. Badly wanted, eagerly bought, for remember, fully 70% of homes have no bath-rooms. Immense profits for you. Two sales a day means $300 a month. Here's proof--real proof. Breeze, of Idaho, made $400 profit in 30 days. Rev. Otto Schulze, Mo., got $1600 to date. Burkholder, Mont., orders $1072 in 17 days. Hundreds like that. Pleasant, permanent, fascinating work. This is not idle talk. Make me prove it. Write a postcard. Let me write you a long letter. Then decide. No experience needed, no capital. Your credit is good if you mean business. But you must be ambitious, you must want to make money. That's all. Write a postcard now. I want to pay you sixty dollars every week.

H. S. Robinson, Pres., The Robinson Cabinet Mfg. Co. 
789 Factories Building                  Toledo, Ohio
     Canadian Address : Walkerville, Ontario

Good Words for The CRISIS [[title]]

   I have no criticism to make of THE CRISIS. I am often saddened by reading it. Such cruel injustice which your people have to face! There is a bright side, however, and for that we will rejoice. I believe thoroughly in the Negro race. You have my prayers and sympathy in your efforts to establish a first class magazine.                      Mrs. MARY C. REYNOLDS,
                                    Swampscott, Mass.

  While I am writing I want to add a few words of praise for THE CRISIS. It is a revelation to us and to others who see it on our table--the facts you gather. THE CRISIS is doing a great work for our people, and doing it well--and I wonder if you are gettting subscriptions a plenty. you surely deserve a large list. * * *

  Everyone in this house is a CRISIS supporter and we wish you large financial returns.
                                      WALTER H. PRINCE,
                                        Hartford, Conn.

  Please renew my subscription to THE CRISIS for another year. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate your esteemed magazine. It gives double service because when I have read it I send it to my brother who is a private in the 24th infantry U. S. A., stationed in the Philippines. In one of my most recent letters from my brother, he told me that they had voted not long since to see which was the most popular paper or magazine that comes to the camp. He said THE CRISIS won out with a great majority.
                                    ERNEST E. WILLIAMS,
                                     Jacksonville, Fla.
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Forty Thousand
The Easter CRISIS

will have a regular edition of 35,000 copies and 5,000 supplements--40,000 in all. 
The Easter Crisis will be a DOUBLE NUMBER with Sixty-eight instead of fifty-two pages

The Easter Crisis will have

1. A Cover in colors
                                    By RICHARD L. BROWN
2. A Story
                                 By CHARLES W. CHESNUTT
3. A Poem
                         By WILLIAM STANLEY BRAITHWAITE
4. A Song
                                 By J. ROSAMOND JOHNSON
5. An Easter Allegory
                                    By W. E. B. DU BOIS             

                And in addition
            The Fifth Annual Report
                   of the
                N. A. A. C. P.
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