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48   The Crisis Advertiser

Miles M. Webb
School of Practical Photography
All branches of photography taught. Terms reasonable. Service efficient. Three courses: Amateur, intermediate, professional. Register now.
3519 So. State Street Chicago, Ill.
Telephone Douglass 6688

Hotel Comfort and Cafe
Open all the Year
Corner Second Street and Bay Avenue
Ocean City, New Jersey
Mrs. M.B. Comfort, Proprietress.
Beautiful location, fine view of Great Egg Harbor Bay, the Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean. Boating, bathing, fishing, and tennis. Thirty minutes to Atlantic City by electric cars or steamboats.

Georgie State Colored Fair
November 18-28 1914
Wants colored Entertainers
$5000.00 IN PREMIUMS
Write R.R. WRIGHT, President, SAVANNAH, GA

Agents $60 Weekly
Robinson Folding Bath Tub. Big seller. Costs little, no plumbing, little water. Weight 15 pounds, folds into small roll. Full length baths, far better than tin tubs. Guaranteed 10 years. $10 a day easily made. Write for free tub offer. Robinson Cabinet Mfg. Co., 334 Factories Bldg., Toledo, O.

Let Me Start You in the Mail-Order Business
$25 a Week For Your Spare Time $40 to $75 Weekly For Your Entire Time
That is the money you should make in the mail-order business. I want an ambitious man in your community to act as my Branch Manager, and build up a successful, prosperous mail-order business, just as I have. I will help you to do it, show you how fortunes are made in this fascinating business, and supply you with everything needed to start.
No Experience Needed. I Show You How.
You need no experience to become my Branch Manager. I want honest men of determination who are ambitious to succeed, and I will teach such a man all he needs to know to handle the business successfully. If you are one of the thousands of slaves to the pay-check, grinding away the best years of your life for some other man's profit, let me show you how to embark in a business that should free you forever from this grinding, body-wracking wage slavery. Let me show you the way to financial independence and happiness. A few dollars starts you. Then by putting your profits each week back into the business you should grow rapidly. I show you how to make a start with just a few dollars and the postman should soon wear a path to your door laden with letters, orders, and moneyed mail.
You Need No Office. Your Own Home Will Do.
The beauty of it all is, you need no office, no expensive office equipment. You don't even need to quit your regular job; just work in your own home, evenings, spare time, etc. Let your wife, sister, mother or relatives help you. You need no outside help. Think of it! A chance to build up a big, successful, mail-order business right at home in your spare time. Isn't that great? Isn't that wonderful? Rise, go on and up! The road is clear. A glorious future summons you to the battle of betterment. Dare on, you whose souls are bruised with past defeats. Twist your frown into a smile, because fortune awaits you NOW. Let me show you how to BE more, DO more, HAVE more in this life. Don't be a WISHER and a HOPER and a HESITATOR, held down by foolish doubts and empty fears. Don't be timid, clinging with a drowning man's grasp to your slender salary, just because you think money-making is a mystery that you can never learn. I will do my level best to put you on the quick road to independence and show you how to get a look-in at luxury and happiness. Don't be a boss-scared, job-hugging, wage-cowed slave; stop doing the dull drudge lock-step to and from work. Let me set off the sky-rocket of your ambition NOW. Pardon my plain talk, but plain talk, like the arnica you put on a burn, stings like blazes but goes straight to the spot. Plain talk stings good men to action; prods their pride and puts them on the primrose pathway to prosperity.
Make Profits For Yourself-Not For Others. Start Now.
Write me at once and begin pulling out of the wage rut. No reason why you cannot have people everywhere remitting money to you while you sit in your home or office, gathering in BIG PROFITS. Mine is the ideal proposition for Aspiring Success Seekers and Aspiring Money Makers. You should quickly become a daily bank depositor and see your profits pile up and bring you all those wonderful, long-wanted, wished-for luxuries of life, which will give you priceless independence and enable you to bid your pay-check pals good-bye forever. Remember I supply everything you need to start, including my $10 Correspondence Instruction Course which I furnish you FREE. WRITE me, as you value your future success, NOW!
Allan C. Butler, 146 Factories Bldg., Toledo. Ohio

Profitable Spare Time Work
Colored agents wanted to take orders for our high grade calling cards. Big demand everywhere. Exclusive territory. Write now for samples and terms.
The House of Chowning, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Do You Buy Books?
see Special List, Page 51

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The Crisis Advertiser    49

To the Masonic Fraternity

The CRISIS has the honor to announce the publication of the most important book on Negro Masonry since Upton's epoch-making work; and the only book written by an authority form our own point of view.

The Author
George W. Crawford, 32°

A graduate of Tuskegee, Talladega and Yale, formerly clerk of the Probate Court of New Haven and now a practicing lawyer there. Mr. Crawford is one of the best informed masons in the country.

The Book
Prince Hall and His Followers

And is a carefully argued defense of the legitimacy of Negro Masonry in the United States, with notes and documents.

Ready Now
Price One Dollar. Postage Extra.
Order Now  Agents Wanted

The Crisis
70 Fifth Avenue  New York

Mention The Crisis
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