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for the kind of sea running the Devonian rides in a most easy manner. We are all proud of her. 

In the evening the ladies gave us a "little music", we [[striketrough]] all [[/strikethrough]] also sang hymns, the hymns of the English church. They were hard for a Unitarian to follow, but as compositions, harmony, they were most interesting. The large man with the enormously rough voice sang so loudly that no one else could hear themselves. This fellow is sick all the time. Most effemanate & sissified, for a giant. Spends all his time when on deck talking to the few ladies that will listen to him. After he had sung, and sung again (at his own request) we all retired, and thought of home. I looked at you all in my valise and as Helen would have it "wished every minute that you might have been there." Not because my stomach ached, and I wished to have mother there to nurse me, but because when one has a beautiful time, it is made ideal to have ones friends there to enjoy it with one. 

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