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In 1957 — When the Soviet Union launched Sputnik (World's 1st Satellite), it
[[strikethrough]] When [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] so shocked us [[strikethrough]] Considered ourselves more tech adv [[/strikethrough]]
[[strikethrough]] Destroyed Shattered our self image [[/strikethrough]]
that sci & math education — creating generation of sci & eng — became a nat'l priority 

->Early 60's,
• Revitalized & revamped Curric
• Created Goal of sending person -> Moon to demonstrate our Tech Prowess

When I was growing up, it was cool to be a Scientist or ENG

Kids dreamed of building RKTS to the stars, or discovering life on mars

Need to make sci cool again

[[strikethrough]] I was lucky to see AD, but prepared...When I was kids in school are BLDG for the will let them take advantage of opp [[/strikethrough]]

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When a little girl...amazingly
[[/left margin]]

Up to all of us to ensure this generation of students has access to a quality education... to build the FD'N that will enable them  to reach & achieve.
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